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What Is The Best Office Suite For Linux?

Concerning FOSS and other projects or collaborations, WPS Office is picky. But regrettably, not all programs that are essential to particular requirements fit into that group. Maybe they will, but prospective consumers have a right to know about all of their options until that time. You may select the one that best matches your system from those that are desktop software and free office download. No more delay, then:

WPS Office for Linux

Users who desire a stunning, lightweight, and still effective program should try out WPS Office for Linux. Nearly all of the capabilities that Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint offer are included, along with a contemporary user interface and quick performance. The only office apps included in the free version are the three most essential ones, and all of their documents are compatible with other office suites.

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Google’s response to customers who are always on the go is Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. It has a contemporary user interface and almost all the functionality required for making and editing text documents, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations. Although it lacks a mail or calendar app, you may still utilize Google Calendar and the Gmail app and free office download.


The most popular office suite program among Linux users is LibreOffice, which is not only entirely free and open source but also serves as a great substitute for Microsoft Office Suite. It has been effective in positioning itself as a community of culture, cooperation, and sharing rather than merely an app. Be assured that your situation can be handled if you ever experience platform-specific bugs or use issues.

Microsoft Office Online

For customers that are always on the go, Microsoft offers Microsoft Office Online as an online option. Even though it lacks all of its functionality, it generally performs a decent enough job of replicating its desktop counterpart in the cloud.

Feng Office

Teams, companies, and organizations can use the integrated suite of office software known as PowerPoint as Feng Office. Its honed workflow and choice of applications make it simple to log time, produce documents, reports, and workspaces, and manage clients, workflow processes, and tasks, as well as monitor and manage projects.


A single location may be used to manage documents, projects, teams, and clients using ONLYOFFICE, an online open-source office suite. It has a stunning modern user interface and almost all the capabilities included in the aforementioned suites.

WPS Office for Linux 2023 is an honorable

My personal choice for a Linux Microsoft Office Suite substitute is WPS Office for Linux, but I’m just giving it an honorable mention because it is only available for free office download. Our selection of free WPS Office for Linux computers is now complete.

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