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What Is The Best Background for Video Conferencing?

What Is The Best Background for Video Conferencing

Days when it was necessary to get everyone in the same room to have a meeting are gone. Today, with the help of video conferencing software, we can unite people in a few clicks no matter where they are located. However, people prefer the proper atmosphere around them, and if it is not available in reality, they can create it using the background for video conferencing.

Why Do We Need the Background for Video Conferencing?

There is a variety of services and platforms for online meetings. However, their users meet the same problems.

Some videoconferencing users may find it necessary to replace the background behind them. For example, hide the home environment when working remotely or put in the backdrop for video meeting an image suitable for the topic of the lesson during distance learning.

A proper background not only creates a nice picture on the screen but also simplifies the preparation for the conference, makes your mood better, and helps you to feel more confident. The latter is quite important because when you are just learning how to use video conferences, you may feel it awkward to see yourself on screen and observe everything that is behind you in your room. Proper backgrounds take this pressure off.

Moreover, a good way to highlight important data is to place it on a virtual backdrop. Thus, you will ensure that participants keep in mind the needed things starting from your name or position and ending with a company name or email address.

Whichever backdrop for the video conference you select, be sure to turn on the video first before it starts. This simple step will help to spot any issues early and fix them before everyone has joined you live.

Types of Virtual Backdrop

If you have decided that you need such a background, the next thing will be to select a suitable one. Let us discuss the existing options according to the types of video conferences that you organize or participate in.

For business

An easy way to create a comfortable environment for communication is to choose a pleasant and calm picture. If you have a working meeting, you can utilize the following backdrops:

  • A virtual office with an open space style.
  • A background with photos of all team members. Ask all colleagues to take a photo in which they are smiling, looking serious, or doing something else and unite them in one backdrop.
  • For a more informal template, add not only photos of your team members but also pictures of your favorite pets or company mascot.

If you are looking for a neutral background:

  • A window view on a rainy day will do.
  • A minimalist watercolor background in pastel colors will also work.
  • Use a nature shot, choose a beautiful landscape, or a photo of your favorite place.

To make the background more interesting, try setting an unusual nature photo that you want to look at as your screensaver.

Another example of a versatile backdrop that would suit any meeting is a photo of a beautiful library or an art museum.

For a business meeting where the dynamics of any indicators are discussed, you can select a virtual backdrop with a video where the chart is in constant motion.

The background can be not only color but also black and white. You can use any photo or movie frame you like.

For other purposes

Many of us prefer to hide the real environment of our houses. However, we can focus on an unusual virtual room with a carpet on the wall and other interesting options.

When is it hard to figure out how to start a conference, you can:

  • Give a hint by choosing a picture of your favorite food in the background.
  • Use gaming pictures to relax a little. For example, use bingo with phrases that can often be heard during a call.
  • Invite furry guests that often get into the frame during video calls. In addition, if they are silently present in the background, it can even be beneficial to the conversation.

Do you often have your head in the clouds? Take a team with you and reach new heights together with a picture of the sky behind you.

If you are conducting a lesson, you can place its plan behind you. Then, all participants will know how the meeting will go.

The background can be made:

  • calm and restrained
  • with fun illustrations to make it uplifting
  • a beautiful and meditative piece for fans of astrology, yoga, and esoteric sciences
  • as a stylish moon version that looks very cute

For calls with friends and family, you can select a fun background on the theme of everyday life with its usual activities or something funny like a photo of a dog that is relaxing with a cool cocktail.

Do you like to travel? Then, try a background with stickers from different countries. In addition, one can set a photo from the airport. So, there will be a feeling that you are going to get on a plane and go on a trip. Other ideas in this area are:

  • Utilize as a virtual photo the illustration of the theme of relaxing on the beach.
  • Pretend that you are calling from a tourist tent that is set up on the beach.

For a Halloween meeting or just for fun, select a frightening virtual screensaver against a bright background. Another scary backdrop for horror fans is an old haunted castle.

Fans of the fantasy genre can use illustrations on the theme of space. It is always interesting to look at backgrounds with bright and unusual patterns that you see during pauses.

For parties, birthday meetings, or other important events, holiday backgrounds are perfect.

Altogether, there are hundreds of high-quality pictures for any occasion that can be utilized as a backdrop for video conferences. Take your time to choose the one that will be the most suitable for you. It is going to contribute to the success of the meeting because with proper background, you can fully immerse yourself in the conference.

It is quite important not to be disturbed during the video conference and to feel comfortable in the space where you are. Create a special and unique atmosphere with a nice background not only for yourself but also for your colleagues or friends. This simple tool appears to be really powerful.

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