What is the Best Antivirus Ever?

What is the Best Antivirus Ever

What is the Best Antivirus Ever?

In the quest to find the best antivirus ever, we’ve gathered nine insightful answers from CEOs and marketing professionals. From Norton’s real-time malware detection to Windows Defender’s lightweight protection, discover the top antivirus recommendations from industry leaders.

  • Norton’s Real-Time Malware Detection
  • SentinelOne’s AI-Driven Detection
  • Common Sense as Best Antivirus
  • Bitdefender’s Superior Cybersecurity Performance
  • McAfee’s Comprehensive Security Capabilities
  • Avast’s User-Friendly Interface
  • Kaspersky’s Unmatched Protection
  • Good Cybersecurity Habits Over Antivirus
  • Windows Defender’s Lightweight Protection


Norton’s Real-Time Malware Detection

Norton is the best antivirus ever, due to the many features that are best for all sizes and types of organizations. The one strong differential of Norton antivirus is the real-time malware detection and protection, using minimum resources not to impact the speed. 

I have used many antiviruses, and they have one thing in common: they are not easy to handle and compromise security measures at some points. In this context, Norton is an exception and has a very user-friendly dashboard, making it easy even for those people who don’t have the required expertise to use an antivirus efficiently.

Lou Reverchuk, Co-Founder and CEO, EchoGlobal


SentinelOne’s AI-Driven Detection

Professionals with a passion for cybersecurity often use SentinelOne. This platform is powered by cutting-edge, AI-driven detection, autonomous endpoint protection, and advanced ransomware defense. 

SentinelOne raises the bar for digital security with unparalleled expertise. It shatters the limitations of traditional antivirus and embraces a dynamic, proactive defense strategy. It’s an antivirus that knows your system’s behavior as well as you do, with minimal system impact. SentinelOne is not just another antivirus; it’s a force to be reckoned with.

Shawnee Wright, Business Development Manager, Integrated Axis Technology Group, Inc.


Common Sense as the Best Antivirus

The best antivirus program, in a broader sense, is actually common sense! This is because human error actually accounts for nine-tenths of security breaches. 

While traditional antivirus software does play a crucial role in protecting against cyber threats, it cannot entirely replace the importance of practicing good cybersecurity habits and employing common sense in your online activities. 

Statistics actually show that most breaches happen due to human errors such as phishing attacks, weak passwords, public/unsecured Wi-Fi, clicking on suspicious links, ignoring software updates, sharing your personal information unnecessarily. 

By combining your antivirus program with a healthy dose of common sense and good cybersecurity practices, you can create a much stronger and more resilient shield against potential attacks.

Søren Jensen, Junior Digital Marketer, CyberPilot


Bitdefender’s Superior Cybersecurity Performance

Bitdefender is considered the best antivirus solution at Codific due to its consistent superior performance in various critical areas of cybersecurity. 

The antivirus has a sound track record of detecting and blocking a wide range of threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware, and phishing attacks. It is designed to be lightweight and efficient, minimizing its impact on system resources.

It offers a comprehensive suite of security features, including real-time scanning, web protection, email filtering, and a firewall. These features work together to provide multiple layers of defense against various cyber threats, while providing a user-friendly interface.

Codific is confident that Bitdefender can provide the highest level of protection for our clients’ systems and data, ensuring a safe and secure computing experience for all.

Leo Dahlgren Yukio, Growth Strategist, Codific


McAfee’s Comprehensive Security Capabilities

In my opinion, the best antivirus ever is McAfee, which I have used for many years and is my favorite. McAfee is considered one of the best antivirus software packages since it offers more than just basic malware protection. It includes other security capabilities and defense against the most recent online dangers. 

During our own testing, we put 10 malicious files in front of McAfee to find. While the rapid scan missed all of them, the thorough scan discovered all of them and stopped them before it had even finished. This is an uncommon sight to see, even with the strongest antivirus software. 

It’s important to note that McAfee offers quite user-friendly programs and supports the Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android operating systems. The basic package from McAfee includes a VPN, a password manager, file encryption, a file shredder, and much more. The antivirus also offers network security and protection against identity theft. Prices for McAfee begin at $39.99 per year.

Joe Li, Managing Director, CheckYa


Avast’s User-Friendly Interface

Avast has gained popularity over the years because of its reliable protection and user-friendly interface. It offers real-time scanning, email scanning, and web protection to keep you safe from online threats. Avast also includes additional features like a software updater to ensure your applications are up-to-date and a secure browser for safe online banking.

Adil Advani, Marketing Director, AnySoftwareTools


Kaspersky’s Unmatched Protection

For over a decade now, Kaspersky Antivirus has been one of the industry-leading solutions for cybersecurity and threat protection, and it consistently topped the ranking charts. However, due to the company’s ties to the Russian government and data leak allegations, it has now been largely phased out from most of the systems. 

It’s a shame, really, because Kaspersky offered some of the best protection and the software itself was so simple and lightweight that it barely impacted the computer’s performance. I still believe it’s one of the best antivirus software ever created, even if I wouldn’t recommend it today.

Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing, Ninja Transfers


Good Cybersecurity Habits Over Antivirus

Though numerous effective antivirus products are on the market, the best way to secure your computer is through good cybersecurity habits. 

Stay current on software patches from Microsoft, Apple, and other vendors, and be cautious when browsing and downloading files. Most importantly, be wary of clicking suspicious links or opening attachments from unknown sources. If you follow these simple steps, then any antivirus you choose will provide you with the necessary protection.

Karl Robinson, CEO, Logicata


Windows Defender’s Lightweight Protection

Windows Defender and common sense are all you really need to safely browse the internet. It’s the best in the market simply because it is developed by Microsoft. They invested heavily in research and development to ensure that their antivirus solution stays ahead of the ever-evolving threats in the digital landscape. 

Most paid antiviruses are overrated. Windows Defender is already built into the Windows system and is as good, if not better, than any paid antivirus software. Unlike other antiviruses, Defender is very lightweight and does not require a lot of background resources. And the best part is that it is absolutely free!

Windows Defender also has a very straightforward and user-friendly interface, so that even non-tech-savvy users can take full advantage of its features. And just last year, Defender was made available for macOS, iOS, and Android users.

Samantha Hawrylack, CEO, SJ Digital Solutions LLC


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