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What is Telegram Advertising and why is it great for your business?


Imagine, that you can find the latest world news, author courses, business and trading tips, even a dating service- all in one place. If for some reason you are still spending hours to find these pieces of information in different sources, then it is time for you to meet with Telegram. 

The app is quick even with poor connection, highly secured, has an intuitive easy interface and combines all sorts of existing topics. Telegram is gaining its popularity worldwide: only in February 2021 about 500 million new users joined Telegram! All these features make Telegram advertising a game changing tool for marketers and entrepreneurs. But what is Telegram advertising and how does it work?

Advertising on Telegram

Recently Telegram enabled an official advertising platform, which turned out to be quite expensive (and ad placement starts from 2 million euros). So, a realistic and cost-effective way for businesses to advertise on Telegram channels is to organize everything themselves. And the best way to manage Telegram channels advertising is to use specialized ad platforms, such as

Telegram Channels advertising

To start advertising on Telegram, you need to find telegram channels or groups, suitable for your business objectives. However, how to find a trustful channel or group owner? Telegram is a huge autonomic platform, uniting a lot of people and content. Unfortunately, not all admins play by the rules. Sometimes, their channels include fake subscribers or bots. Or even worse – they just disappear after the order has been paid by the advertiser. In such cases the experience of telegram channels advertising can be unfairly ruined and a great business opportunity lost forever. is a viable service that connects advertisers and channel owners. A rich catalog of this ad platform offers about 3 000 themed channels. The experts of the service have been working since 2016 and collected many success stories and loyal customer base. 

Want to advertise your website, app, or channel safely? It can be arranged in a few cicks! 

Telegram Advertising on is a so-called “all-in-one” service. You start a project, select channels, top-up the balance, write an ad post, get notified of each new placement, and use analytics to summarize the results of the campaign. With convenient filters, you can sort out the channels by followers, engagement rate, audience gender and take into account other important indicators. Your order will include all your expectations for the ad campaign.  Telegram Advertising

Each channel goes under two-step verification- automatic control by system and manual by moderators. The platform protects the interests of both advertisers and channel owners through a safe deal option. The advertiser’s money for the ad campaign is frozen until the advertisement is placed on the channel. Only after that, the channel owner gets the payment. Plus, offers all international payment systems for you to top-up the balance or withdraw funds.

When you find a proper advertising strategy, you do not just acquire new cool sources of distribution. You improve your networking, enhance your income and straighten brand position on the market. So what is Telegram advertising? It is a highly effective instrument for your business to reach new horizons. Deliver value to your customers, build a unique strategy and you will succeed!

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