What is SpringRole?

SpringRole is a blockchain based platform that is touching a major issue in modern job systems: The limited ability of employers to do background checks of current and future employees.

What Does SpringRole Do?

SpringRole, as a decentralized platform, allows users to build their professional profile on their system. The platform then initiates a system of checks on the information entered on the digital CVs and profiles.

This allows it to build a verified database of job seekers, giving employers an advantage of speed, where they can browse through potential candidates and set up interviews, with a peace of mind that the information on the persons they seek to connect is true and not falsified.

How Does SpringRole Verify Information?

SpringRole uses the power of people to verify information users put in their professional profiles. Different people and institutions ranging from colleagues to seniors, juniors, educational institutions, and organizations to verify information about a user.

As more and more people and organizations attest the information, the user will start to get a higher rating. Highly rated users will be more trustworthy on the authenticity of their information and subsequently, have a higher chance of being selected when an organization reviews their CV.

The verification process, as is the way of the blockchain, will become a permanent part of the decentralized record. This means that the verification is there forever and whenever another organization or its representatives want to check a background of an individual, the process will not need to be repeated.

Another level of attestation exists within the platform, a verification of users themselves. This is to ensure that users do not exploit the ranking system by exchanging attestations or giving higher rankings to a selected few in order to put them on the forefront and askew the attestation system itself. Each user will have to go through a two-stage verification process. The first level will grant a user limited powers to attest and verify other profiles.

After the platform has done a complete background check and KYC for the user, then only will be a level two verification be done, allowing the user to exercise higher levels of attestation on the platform.

SPRING, The Verification Token

The platform will be using its own ERC standard token, the Spring, for economics within the platform. The tokens will be primarily used for earnings through verifying other users and by organizations to pay for accessing verified user lists.

The platform is currently accepting registrations for its upcoming pre-ICO. A total of 2.5 billion Springs will be launched for users and other investors to buy during its complete ICO program.

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