What is so special about the Lich King Helmet, and Why You Should Have a Replica From the FragStore

Lich King Helmet

If you’re an active player and a big fan of World Of Warcraft, you might be very well aware of the Lich King and his helm of domination. When Prince Arthas first donned the helm that stored the spirit of orc chieftain Ner’zhul, he became the terror defined as the Lich King. Kil’jaeden created the Lich King as an entity, not Ner’zhul. This entity was created specifically for using death as a tool to conquer worlds, and it was granted the power to raise the killed and govern over them telepathically, enslaving the Scourge.

The strength of this helm from the Frozen Throne just above Icecrown Citadel governed him subliminally. The Helm of Domination, also known as the Helm of Wills, has recently gained popularity as the most iconic helmet in Warcraft history. Getting this Lich King’s helm for you and feeling the spirit in your body isn’t difficult as we have the exact replica at our store. This Blizzard World of Warcraft – Replica Helm of Domination Lich King Exclusive is exclusively handmade and is created with high-quality paints and materials. You can buy this heartbreakingly beautiful replica, made of polyresin, pvc, and metal, depicting the chilling headpiece in all its wintry splendor.

What is the Helm of Domination? 

The Helm of Domination,  was a mystical, ornamented helm (or throne) laced with Conquest power and made to wear by the Lich King to command the Immortal Scourge. Sylvanas Windrunner damaged it, opening a rift into the Shadowlands. The Nathrezim created the Helm of Domination to shelter Ner’zhul’s spirit and bestow him Lich King power and authority.

The Lich King helmet, which assists lead the undead and many others, as well as the Plate of the Damned, which either tends to make the person wearing nearly invincible, formed a bond to Ner’zhul’s spirit and trapped inside the Frozen Throne. 

Frostmourne was also imprisoned inside the Frozen Throne, but Ner’zhul removed it from the throne, enabling it to eventually reach Arthas. After being shattered by sylv helm’s pieces were used in subsequent events till they were reforged into Crown of Wills, a weapon designed to be the helm’s polar opposite.

Where can you purchase its replica?

The Helm of Domination may have been smashed in Shadowlands. However, in FragStore may buy official helm created by Blizzard, so you can buy a perfectly preserved replica of the helm of domination blizzard store from our FragStore, created of 88% Polyresin/6% Plastic/6% Metal. It’s a special and limited product for true Lich King fans. 

In Fragstore, we put our positive spirit into whatever we make. Every day, we live our values and principles so that we can progress to provide epic compelling content for each of our players. The added texture and detail make the whole thing look more realistic, and you’ll be glad to have this helm of domination in your collection. For World of Warcraft fans, FragStore has an astounding Hand-painted Helm of Domination replica. Just…don’t let it get too close to Sylvanas.

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