What is SMARTRealty? – The Facts and Beginners Guide.

The entire SMARTRealty platform consists of three elements, each of which provides a separate service:

  • The SMARTRealty contract platform: The contract platform is one that has a template system which allows for contract creators to create their own personalized SMARTRealty smart contract that will both be in compliance with local laws that govern contracts in their jurisdiction and also fit into the needs of their specific transactions.
  • The SMARTRealty listing platforms: These are platforms that will make it possible for property owners to put up their properties for both sales and rentals. Also, it will help with the distribution of listings to a wide array of popular real estate  and rental sites all over the internet
  • RLTY tokens: These are the official tokens distributed by SMARTRealty, and they are compatible for use with the SMARTRealty smart contracts. With these tokens, payments (regardless of whether in cryptocurrency r fat payments) can be made on a major currency. However, these currency payments will be automatically converted too RLTY tokens in order to ensure that payments are tracked and recorded properly.

History of SMARTRealty

For now, the plan of the company is to launch in certain markets all over the United States. However, there are also plans for expansion in order to cover even larger markets all over North America, and the rest of the world in general.

According to the company, the launch of their services will have to be one in various phases due to the fact that every state, province, and country has unique and highly varying laws when it comes to the constitution of contracts in their respective jurisdictions. Attorneys will have to be consulted with, there are a lot of states that need to be considered while ensuring that the contracts that are created on the platform are in compliance with laws and are enforceable.

How it Works

The workings of SMARTRealty are pretty simple, and it generally involves three steps:

  • Transaction agreement: Two parties will have to agree to transact, with the SMARTRealty platform serving as a medium. This could be the sale of a property or as seemingly small as a rental agreement. A SMARTRealty contract will be used in order to solidify the agreement.
  • Relationship management: The SMARTRealty platform manages the transaction as well as the relationship between both parties. The paying party makes payments (acceptable currencies are BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, and EUR) and these payments are instantly converted to RLTY tokens and applied to the SMARTRealty contract
  • Contract execution and deal closing: As soon as payments have been confirmed, the contract is executed and upon expiration, the deal is closed.

The RLTY Tokens

The RTLY tokens, as stated earlier, are the official media through which smart contracts and transactions on the SMARTRealtv platform are carried out. Sales of these tokens have started, and it is possible for you to get in by logging on to their site.

The tokens will be allocated as follows:

20% to the presale

20% at the ICO

10% to the development, advisory and executive teams

10% to the SMARTRealty economy

10% to marketing

10% to SMARTMortgages

5% to the admin

5% to contractors

5% to legal

5% to bounties and giveaways

1% to chartable use

The real estate field is getting a digital revolution, and this revolution is being pioneered by SMARTRealty. Get in on this today!  

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