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What is savedroid and how can you use it?

For a lot of people it can be very hard to put money aside and save for hard times. But with a bit of attention and focus on what you have to do, saving can be a lot easier. And a new fintech company named savedroid allows you to do that in no time.

What should you know about the savedroid company?

savedroid was founded in 2015 by Tobias Zander and Yassin Hankir. The company was named the fintech startup of the year in 2017 in Germany and its focus is to reinvent the financial world by changing people’s lives. It does that by bringing in a new, unique and interesting way to save money and handle your money in a seamless, yet professional manner. 

How savedroid works

savedroid has two apps, one that’s working with fiat currency and available solely for the German market, but there’s also another app focused on saving money towards your goal via the use of cryptocurrency.

The crypto savings app which is very easy and secure to use. There is no crypto exchange signup, wallet set up or private key handling required to use this app.  It’s literally an easy path for everybody, from crypto enthusiasts to the common person. 

When the first step of setting the wish and Smoove is complete, you can specify the amount of money you need to save and in how much time.  

  • Wish: Set up a wish (what is your goal) and pick the time of completion, amount of savings needed. 

The users have the option to decide how their savings will be converted in cryptocurrencies. The process can take place either manually or with savedroid’s AI. The Artificial Intelligence processes used in converting money reduces risk, choosing the optimal combination of cryptocurrencies thus maximizing the benefits. 

  • Smooves (Smart moves – Rules to achieve your goal). 

Pick a rule to accomplish wishes in everyday life. For example, Walking, nice/bad weather, whenever Trump tweets, etc.

How can the savedroid app help you?

The primary focus of the savedroid is to help you save both time and money while also being clear about your goals. It’s a simple and fun way for you to fulfill your financial goals fast and easy. At its core savedroid is a lifestyle app that seamlessly connects to your interests while also bringing in the results and success you always wanted without a problem. 

A great thing about savedroid is that you don’t have to be a finance expert. Everyone can use it, you don’t have to sign up to a crypto exchange, use a private key or set up a wallet. And the best part is that as you save, your savings will bring in their own profit. That comes from an AI based crypto portfolio designed to invest your money to make this happen.

The way this app works is easy, you set up a goal, you can select how much money you need and when you want that completed. Then you decide how you convert your savings into cryptocurrency. The savedroid AI will reduce risks while trying to find the right crypto combination to make that happen. All you have to do is to pick rules and if they are broken you will have to set money aside. Or you can push yourself and your performance with positive rules. Either way you need to find methods that will make you set money aside, and that will pay off big time.


We recommend you to check out savedroid right now at, as this is the ultimate way to save money and make your wishes a reality. Even saving as little as $5 per day can help you get one step closer to your goal. And since you save with help from an AI portfolio, you really get to have the results and amazing experience you always wanted. Try out savedroid today and you will have no problem fulfilling those dreams you always had!

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