What is Safinus Platform?

Safinus platform connects crypto investors who are new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem to experienced investors, crypto funds and professional traders already in the system. By way of explanation, Safinus provides a platform that allows new investors to join lucrative cryptocurrency and ICO portfolios created by old and experienced users on the platform. When a new investor joins a pre-existing portfolio, investments on cryptocurrencies and ICOs in the portfolio are automatically made without the investor having to do so separately for each one and the investor is entitled to a share of the profits realized from the investments based on the amount invested.

Safinus offers a secure platform for investment. With the platform, beginners are guaranteed of returns on their investments, the more experienced investors can increase their capital volume while the professional traders get a worldwide reach for client sourcing. Also, the portfolios offer protection from low quality and fraudulent investments for every user no matter the level of trading experience. Additionally, Safinus is not just of mutual benefits to the members, by attracting otherwise inaccessible funds on a global scale, boosting trust and security against scams, the platform also contributes to the development of the crypto industry. The Safinus platform will be powered by the ERC20 standard utility token of the Ethereum blockchain called Safinus token represented as SAF. Investors and traders will only access the platform via tokens. Pre-sale ICO of the tokens ended on the 14th of February and it was deemed high successfully as the token sale hit the hard cap. The second phase of the ICO is yet to begin but is scheduled to start on the 2nd of May 2018.

History of Safinus

The cryptocurrency revolution brought with it a substantial amount of cryptocurrencies and ICOs. Some of these blockchain related projects are noble, others not so much. The surge in fraudulent coins and ICOs threatened to destroy what was created to be a secure and trustable system. In May 2017, Safinus was created to provide a solution to this problem. The necessary market research of what would be required to build the platform was carried out soon after. The months between May and October of 2017 saw to the development of the Safinus concept which was followed by the development of the platform’s architectural design. In October 2017, the Safinus whitepaper was officially released accompanied by the development of the website. On January 23rd 2018, the SAF tokens were officially released into the market for a token sale which ended 21 days later raising a total of $500k out of a maximum contribution target of $500k.

Beginner’s guide to Safinus

Safinus is an investment platform for cryptocurrencies and ICOs on the blockchain. Safinus addresses the issues behind the crypto marketplace while simultaneously providing a secure and reliable investment platform. It connects the novice and expert investors alongside traders and cryptofunds on one platform. The connection point is referred to as a portfolio. A portfolio can be created by either an investor (not the newbie), a trader or crypto funds from cryptocurrencies and tokens. However, a user must first of all be registered on the platform with at least 200 SAF tokens in their Safinus account before they are eligible to create a basic portfolio. Rules, regulations and criteria governing each portfolio are determined by the creator of the portfolio. E.g. portfolio managers determine the criteria for newbies who want to join, fees for joining or leaving a portfolio, commission charged from the investors’ earnings etc. They are also at liberty to choose which rules to implement or overrule.

Safinus analyses every portfolio on the platform based on the quantity of managed funds and the amount of earning indicators via a blockchain proved profitability. Portfolios are evaluated on daily basis to give the investor recent information on every portfolio. The new investors can assess these evaluations and join whichever portfolio appeals to their needs the most. Minimum contribution to join a portfolio is fixed at $100. Investors’ earnings are apportioned according to their contribution in the portfolio. The portfolio members enjoy guaranteed profits from investments, service customization, control of assets, globalization of services etc.

In addition, Safinus also offers an internal cryptocurrency exchange, strategy automation tools, coins and tokens community voting system and a private trusts crypto assets management.


The concept of the Safinus platform will definitely appeal to all investors regardless of the level of crypto and trading experience. Safinus is certainly a good start for any potential, new or experienced investor in the cryptocurrency world.


Token: SAF

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