What Is Ponyo and What Should You Know About It?

ponyo inu

Ponyo-Inu is a brand-new cryptocurrency that is issued from the Ethereum blockchain. This meme coin Ponyo-Inu can be attributed to the 2008 feature-length animation movie ‘Ponyo’ which chronicles the journey of an audacious goldfish, who falls in love with a human boy and, with the help of her magic and devotion for themselves and nature, restore equilibrium to the earth’s systems.

The incentive of Ponyo-Inu is loosely based on this story, as it seeks to harness the collective energy of a meme to do something meaningful, significant, and worthwhile. Ponyo ushers in a new era of philanthropy through the cryptocurrency market. This revolutionary approach to charitable giving, referred to as auto-impact investing, allows investors to actively support important charitable causes and organizations, while simultaneously investing in projects that they feel will provide them with significant financial returns.

Ponyo-Inu is the world’s first anime-inspired, auto-impact investing token that supports the Coral Restoration Foundation. Thus, in contrast to other meme coins that are progressively gaining traction in the cryptocurrency market, it contributes to a real-world purpose. The team’s motivation for this project is to use the tremendous anime-centered excitement that pervades the Ethereum network to help safeguard all the fishes and other aquatic lives in the sea.

The Ponyo-Inu smart contract is set up in such a manner that 3% of each transaction which includes buys, sales and transfers results in donations being delivered directly to the Coral Restoration Foundation’s crypto wallet, all of which is verified via the blockchain. The restoration of the corals is the team’s and the project’s primary motivation. It is within this context that a new face of philanthropy is emerging, surfacing from an entirely unpredicted space- the cryptocurrency market.

Ponyo-Inu and the idea of auto-investing started with a group of four people and has now grown to include a team of over 100 carefully hand-picked personnel, ranging from forum moderators and smart contract engineers to charity reps and helpful guerrilla marketers, all working to secure the Ponyo ecosystem’s stability and development.

Ponyo is still a new coin, so it’s currently putting everything in place to make sure it is well-known and well-established in the crypto market. By establishing the early steps of contract and site development, as well as increasing exposure and recognizability of the project, it has successfully created a firm basis for Ponyo-long-term success. It is actively working to expand on pre-existing marketing and community-building activities, as well as website branding and rebranding, long-term holder incentive programs, and partnership announcements, among other things.

Swim Swim, a widely anticipated play-to-earn game, is one of its prospects. The gameplay centers around collecting sea gems and earning Ponyo Inu’s secondary Token, $PEARL, which will be revealed in due time. This game is scheduled to be released before the end of the year and will be available only on mobile phones.

Apart from the altruistic goal of auto-impact investing, which is the project’s main purpose, the Ponyo-Inu eco-system provides a source of passive income for all $PONYO holders. This implies that 1% of every transaction (including buys, sells, and transfers) is reflected in each $PONYO holder. Thus, merely holding $PONYO earns you extra tokens, resulting in a type of passive income that rewards long-term supporters of the project.

Furthermore, to ensure the ecosystem’s continued expansion, A secondary token, $PEARL, will be issued shortly and will have a variety of functions within the ecosystem, including serving as the official reward in the future Ponyo-Inu game. This token’s tokenomic features will also include an auto-impact investing portion of the tax that distributes donations to chosen organizations, enabling considerable increases in donation amounts.

And lastly, when it comes to democratically voting on the dynamics and direction of Ponyo-Inu initiatives, such as determining which charity organizations will be donated to next, emission rates, and so on, holders of the $PONYO token would be able to engage in such activities on Ponyo-Inu’s DAOplatform. You’ll learn more when you join their Telegram group

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