What is PIG Token Finance? Every you should know.

What is PIG Token Finance?

Since the dawn of the new decade, the attention of investors have been drawn to animal inspired digital currencies that have dominated the market in recent months. From dog coins, to PIG Coin, to bear coins and fox coins, the animal coin party has kicked off. But of utmost interest to us today is PIG token, one of the cryptocurrencies boasting the highest return on investment.

Dogecoin has enjoyed the most attention and most appreciation of the animal coins, rising by thousands in the first quarter of 2021 and inciting a frenzied enthusiasm for altcoins. Although, PIG has not enjoyed similar virility, it is one of the most sought after digital assets today.

What is PIG Token?

Known in full as Pig Finance, this altcoin is a decentralized deflation token executed on the Binance Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 1000,000,000,000,000 PIG.

PIG token offers 100 percent decentralization, automatic yield farming, no complicated asset matching liquidity and a reduced risk of unfixed loss. Its whale safety feature ensures that no wallet holds 1% of the total PIG supply. In addition, no transaction can involve more than 5 trillion PIG.

According to, it is the “first token with a Black Hole design that exponentially cuts the total supply in circulation by massive amounts. 100% of PIG supply seeded as liquidity, meaning zero presale and no allocation to team members.”

How Does PIG Token Work?

PIG is a high-yield frictionless farming token with a unique reward and deflation mechanism, backed by its liquid transaction mining function. PIG token will receive and accumulate transaction interest dividends. The more PIG held, the more dividends will be distributed over time.

The supply of the token is controlled by a levy tax of 5% imposed on every transaction. Pig has a total circulation of 1,000 trillion, of which 560 trillion has been destroyed.

PIG token’s innovation is that for every user transfers across the network, a 5% “tax” (handling fee) will be deducted. The “tax” here is technically written in the block contract and cannot be changed. This tax is divided into three parts:

The first is to return 3% of 5% PIG to the mining pool, the second is to automatically destroy 1% of that 5%, and the third is to use the last 1% as “dividends”. It will be automatically distributed to users who hold Pig on the entire network. To receive dividend you need to have some PIG in your wallet.

To benefit from the dividend, simply purchase PIG into your wallet, and PIG’s block contract will automatically identify and distribute every dividend of the entire network to you according to the rules. No one can intervene in the whole process.

Let’s use the instance of you holding 1 billion PIGs. According to the current transaction volume of the entire network during the time of writing, your holdings can be divided into 10 million pigs per day, which is a rough estimate of 100 million pigs in ten days.

PIG token’s block address shows that over 253,000 people around the world hold PIG. As time goes by, the number of holders and transactions increases, and your dividends will increase at a rapid rate. Despite the price not ever exceeding $0.00000551, it is still profitable.

Due to the design of PIG’s unique reward and deflation mechanism, it also has the characteristics of liquid transaction mining.

Like the interest income obtained by depositing legal currency in the bank, whether long-term holding or trading circulation will generate income, it is particularly conducive to the allocation of personal and family assets, countering inflation, and realizing the steady increase of wealth assets.

Is PIG Finance Token a Good Investment?

However, the mechanism of PIG’s operation makes it a very good investment.

Despite 5% tax being deducted for each transaction of PIG tokens, 3% goes into the liquid pool and continues to be sold further expanding the pool. In other words, as long as someone trades PIG, the contract system will continue to circulate.

As a special asset class, PIG token is different from stocks or bonds and does not generate any predictable cash flow. The way most investors get returns is the price increase of PIG coins, so speculative bubbles are more likely to form.

Although PIG token is called a “coin”, because it is not an officially issued currency, it does not have monetary attributes such as statutory compensation and compulsion, nor is it a real currency. Like its fellow altcoins, the price of digital currency fluctuates greatly, so investors are adviced to please pay attention when trading.

How and Where to Buy PIG Token?

PIG Token Finance is a freely-tradable token, with the majority of volume on the world’s leading Cryptocurrency Exchange,

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