What is Picasso App (Complete Review After Using It) 2022

If you are a movie and TV show lover then this might be your favorite app from now. The app that I have for you today is Picasso App. This is the new app in the market that is an alternative to Netflix and Hotstar. Thus now watching movies and TV shows is easier than before.

There are different platforms available for this purpose most of them are paid. People cannot afford such kind of expensive subscriptions. Thus to help them out we have introduced the newest app in the market called as Picasso app.

Now you might be thinking that what kind of movies and web series or TV shows you can watch on the Picasso app? Don’t worry this app has one of the largest movies and web series libraries. Thus there is a high chance that you will get your favorite movie on this application.

It is important to note that all the newly released movies and TV shows are available on this application. Thus no need to wait for any movie or go to any kind of cinema. This app is rich with movies and web series and more importantly, it’s totally free to use.



The first and most important feature of this app is that it’s totally free to use. You do not need to use your card to get any kind of subscription. You can directly download this app and can start your favorite content on this app which is totally free.


This is one of my favorite features of this application it let you allow to download any kind of movie, Web series, drama, or whatever you want to download. Thus it gives you full freedom of downloading the content. It is more important to note that many competitors and paid apps do not provide the facility of downloading content.


There is an option for Subtitles on this app. Thus now you can watch Chinese and English movies with these subtitles. Subtitles will help you to understand any language easily.

Video Quality

If you want to change the resolution of any video you can easily change the resolution as well. There is an option on settings that will help you to change the settings. you can watch the content in Full HD resolution as well as watch the videos in low quality as well.


We are hoping that you guys will like this amazing review about the Picasso App. We have covered almost all the aspects of this app. Now with this app watching movies and web series is easier than before. People like this app because it’s 100% free to use. It will cost nothing to you.

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