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What is Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited?

Paul Mampilly

Profits Unlimited is a research service that allows you to take advantage of Paul’s strategic investment approach. 

Profits Unlimited is Paul Mampilly’s monthly investment newsletter published by Banyan Hill Publishing. This is one of the many newsletters published by Banyan Hill.

In each issue of the magazine, Paul Mampilly will provide readers with his views on current market conditions, including professional insights and analysis.

Each issue also features a selection of highly-bought new stocks discussed by Paul Mampilly, so you know before investing.

If the monthly newsletter doesn’t seem profitable, The Profits Unlimited newsletter provides additional content and information.

To get an in-depth review about Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly, you can visit here:

Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly started his finance journey at Bankers Trust in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager. Since then, he has been rapidly promoted to important positions, managing multi-million dollar accounts for the German global banking companies Deutsche Bank and ING.

Paul also oversees the Royal Bank of Scotland account and Kinetics Wealth Management LLC, a $6 billion hedge fund. He won first place in a prominent investing competition due to his vast background as a hedge fund trader. With an initial investment of $50 million, he obtained a return of 76%. Most important, it happened during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

Paul Mampilly has been asked to participate in various news programs in recent years, such as Bloomberg and CNBC. As the Profits Unlimited founder, Paul offers his insights and advice to investors interested in cutting-edge financial investments.

What is “Profits Unlimited”?

In “Profits Unlimited,” Paul Mampilly makes the selected shares available to more than 100,000 readers. He also writes about the best time to invest in specific market areas to get the best return. 

These divisions have been involved in what Paul calls “megatrends,” emerging areas in the marketplace where technology will completely change people’s lives. 

Since these industries are in a rapid growth mode, they provide investors with huge profit opportunities. His model portfolio offers advice for investors who are unsure which investment to choose. 

This investment portfolio illustrates the high returns of several stocks selected by him.

In all of Paul’s newsletters, the press release is aimed at investors of all levels, from beginners to seasoned investors and professionals. Paul’s newsletter will benefit less experienced investors, but keep in mind that an investment is not necessary. You just need to subscribe to learn!

The method used at Profits Unlimited led Paul to make a profit on Netflix when it (Netflix) was founded. Sarepta Therapeutics’ profits in developing drugs to treat muscular dystrophy and money helped him save $50 million during his tenure. 

The reason why the investment has expanded to a portfolio of $88 million.

But the question remains, can Blockchain tech Challenge Netflix?

How does it operate?

Unlike Paul’s other investment messages (although they all have something in common), Paul’s strategy suggested in Profits Unlimited focuses on companies that have entered the acceptance phase. 

They are usually large, stable companies with a big market capitalization. That is why Paul recommends this strategy to everyone.

People who do not want to spend big money can invest any amount and receive the capital chosen by Paul.

Investors with more capital can buy the required number of shares and can start investing in a company that is only expected to grow from current levels.

What Profits Unlimited Provides?

Paul Mampilly’s Model Portfolio: This Portfolio Contains Every Stock on the Buy It Now Lists from Paul, which will be updated the same day Paul buys or sells shares. The “Profits Unlimited” model portfolio will tell you what to buy, when, how many specific transactions to order, and when to sell.

Weekly Update: Every Tuesday on his Profits Unlimited portfolio, Paul highlights the main market trends, any news related to one of the stocks of his choice, and readers’ expectations in the coming months. Also, the updates on all current transactions, including profit and loss are included as well.

Monthly Newsletter: Paul’s monthly newsletter is perhaps one of the most valuable items in Profits Unlimited. Once a month, he will publish a newsletter containing an in-depth analysis of the new investment that Paul and his team are studying, including charts, statistics, and company history – anything that can help you understand why this is a good deal and how to read it. 

Updates about stocks and trends to make credible decisions on when to invest and when not to. All in all, the monthly newsletter itself is an incredible publication in terms of stock analysis to understand how the process works and follow as a successful Profit Unlimited subscriber.

Transaction Alert: If a transaction did not go as planned, yes, Paul will immediately send a transaction alert for sale. Sometimes he will propose new actions to you, to enter the market immediately and make a profit.

24/7 Access: Members have 24/7 access to both recent and existing topics, which are maintained on an encrypted database that they can navigate at any time.


Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited newsletter pricing  are based on the level of service required and your choice of print and digital:

  • $47 a year.
  • $79 a year.
  • $129 a year.
  • The lifetime subscription price is $495.

Cancellation Policy

You have 1 year to cancel your Profits Unlimited subscription.


Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly is an excellent introductory newsletter. In the lower price range of Paul products, this is a recommended product for users who do not want to buy a stock news subscription.

Profits Unlimited is a relatively secure investment for new buyers seeking to create an entry-level portfolio since it focuses on big businesses that generate steady income. 

Of course, Paul Mampilly’s stock selection may not always work out, but he suggests many shares each year, so the chances of making a profit on just a few stocks are quite high. Here is a guide on how to make yourself prepared to trade in the real market.

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