What is Orvium?

The publishing industry is one of the most lucrative markets in the world. In generic publications, the cost of publishing is borne by the publisher itself. Articles and other pieces of work are reviewed and selected carefully, the basis being relevancy and the importance or interest of the readers. Authors are paid for their works. The more prestigious the publication house, the more they pay their content contributors.

Scientific Publications, The Opposite

In the scientific community, the model changes its direction completely. The publishers actually review the papers- and if find it fitting for their journal, they charge the author for granting printing!

This has led to a serious issue in the current scientific publication circle:

  • A complex payment system, where funded research is accepted by the journals against a fee (borne out of the funds), review scientists paid by the fee (who are themselves funded) and the printed article is sold back to the institutes (magazine edition fee).
  • High publication fee
  • Many Journals now geared towards profitability, ignoring the quality of research and article as long as their fee is paid.
  • Copyrights of the article and all data are held by the publishers, who can resell data- eliminating the author out of the right to earn.

Orvium: The Blockchain Solution

Orvium is a decentralized platform for publishing scientific articles and researchers like it was meant for knowledge. The platform makes it very economical for publishing articles, peer 2 peer reviews by fellow scientists on the platform, storing the publication on a permanent basis and giving the rights to the authors.

The Orvium platform has the following advantages over traditional scientific publications:

  • Instant Availability: Articles are available as soon as they are uploaded.
  • Copyrights To Authors: Authors retain control of their work and further monetary benefits.
  • Optimal Cost: Monopolistic and oligopolistic markets are broken.
  • Public Review: Community is empowered to review the papers.
  • Social Platform: To connect with like-minded scientists for discussion and collaboration.

Through this, Orvium produces a transparent and comprehensive model of research papers that increase revenue for scientists and increases the quality of research data.

ORV, The Scientific Token

The Orvium platform utilizes its internal token, the ORV. This token is used within the platform for the exchange of money for payment of copyright licenses, reviews, journal management and reading the published work.

The ORV will be available in its ICO for a price of $0.10 with a total supply of 379 million ORVs.

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