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What Is Mindful Real Estate Marketing?

The hyperconnectivity proposed by the technological era (already at level 4.0) brings with it well-known advantages, but also certain damages. Each actor in the real estate sector -clients and workers- is susceptible to the stress of factors, external or proper to the bustle of a negotiation. 

In this sense, new trends try to solve these problems and are presented as options in the world of marketing; all drinkable to apply to the different sectors. The world of real estate is no exception to the rule. In this Sky Marketing article, we will see what mindful marketing is and how it works in the real estate field.

The genealogical tree of the “mindfulness” family

The “here and now” led to the marketing sector, has revolutionized the sales departments of the most commercially developed countries.  Mindful marketing emerges from a base word: “mindfulness”. What do we mean? We will explain it to you.

The expression “mindfulness” defines the basic capacity of the human in his awareness of the present. In a philosophical way “keep in mind that we constantly inhabit in the present moment.” Thus, this introspective concept has been promoting “mindfulness” or “insight” meditations for more than three decades, which can be practised in the most varied ways.

What good is mindfulness meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is considered an effective way to open the senses in order to achieve absolute attention and general well-being. Through it, a series of positive results is ensured. Among them:

  • Increased self-awareness.
  • The reduction of stress caused by serious problems, or by the mere bustle of the day today.
  • Increase the capacities of discernment and resolution.
  • Locate and reduce some psychosomatic symptoms generally caused by stress (such as muscle aches, typical of a poor posture of tension, etc.).
  • Achieve internal, emotional and physical balance.
  • Polish and clear the mind, in order to prepare people for new and demanding learning.

So … How have marketers transferred these concepts to the sales sectors of companies? We will see it in detail.

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The application of mindful marketing

This powerful notion is on the rise, year after year. It has been translated in different ways. Above all, the company is located as a tool whose purpose goes beyond the fact of making money. How? Well, by making its members first become aware of it, they manage to interconnect with each other, to finally focus fully in that direction. In this way, it is expected that the objectives of a company (in this case a real estate agency, or its agents) have a positive impact on the society in which it works.

A real estate agency that applies mindful marketing will direct its advertising campaigns and its real objectives towards that port. The most recognized of this sales mechanism in the real estate sector is reflected in the search for solidarity with the care of the environment and in the mission of leading its clients to a comprehensive welfare state. The actions of your agency… Are they aimed exclusively at buying and selling properties, or so that your clients can live in a better way?

Now that you know what mindful marketing is …

The concept can be simple to explain and interpret, but complex to pour into your services. Therefore, we will point out a series of tips on how to incorporate them into your performance as a real estate agent. These are the tips and questions that have helped the team of Lahore smart city create a number of sales. 

Are you empathic with your clients and interested in buying or renting?

One of the fundamental goals of this trend is to definitely connect with your clientele. Being able to contemplate the advantages and disadvantages of a negotiation with the client’s eyes is not an easy task. As an expert in the sector, you will see things that he does not. Try to convey your knowledge to him in the least technical way possible. This will make the client feel like you speak their language.

Do you keep your agency’s values ​​in mind during the negotiation?

Applying mindful marketing without being convinced of its benefits simply does not work. Not only do you have to appear to believe in empathy and in the business / personal bond that has been created between you and the client; it is also advisable to demonstrate it with facts. If the agency’s values ​​are aimed at guiding the client toward a positive and momentous goal in their life, make sure that nothing is lacking during the negotiation journey. Convey the calm and support that the company proclaims.

Do you offer a clear transparent service?

Honesty in a business relationship is crucial to achieving a true interpersonal connection. Today’s customer is not the same as yesterdays. Get to arrange an interview with you knowing (but not base) what is being talked about. It is true that this often causes inconvenience; since not all clients understand the business well and may be left with a wrong interpretation of the current market. Always provide the commercial reality from your knowledge, in case the interested party is confused.

People as responsible and central individuals in a negotiation

If you tell a client what mindful marketing is, or ask him if he knows it, you will see that he will agree to listen to your words carefully. It is difficult for someone to feel repelled by a sales model that puts people and their well-being as responsible individuals and at the same time the nucleus of all negotiations. If you are convinced to apply it from now on, let your client know that their emotional tranquillity and that of theirs will be the protagonists of your actions as an agent.

In this way, you will be spreading a message of social responsibility. The marketing mindful real estate seeks to achieve a better quality of life for its customers and stakeholders, but also workers in the sector. This mechanism propagated at great levels, perhaps achieving that extra in the collective well-being so desired.

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