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What is MetaPocket, and should you get METAPK now?


Many in the GameFi space have been talking about the MetaPocket Digital Wallet, and the Australian Venture Capital Firm OS Venture has even recently announced its decision to back the 2022 project. Here’s all you need to know about the project, just in case you’re feeling a little lost amidst the discussions.

MetaPocket aims to make GameFi accessible, simple and even more profitable for everyone by being the one-stop digital wallet for all things GameFi and NFT. It can support multi-currency, multi-platform and cross-chain transactions, and is currently already trusted by the top platforms and decentralized games, including Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polkadot, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, The Sandbox, Yield Guild Games, and many more. The wallet itself has three main features: the Game Discovery feature, an In-App Game Browser, and the Yield Farming feature. With these three features, users can explore the various decentralized games, interact with them in-app, and stake their GameFi tokens to earn METAPK (the MetaPocket token) and yield farm with other MetaPocket users.

With only one app to have to use for all accessibility, the complexity of blockchain gaming (especially with a plethora of games today) will be removed, making it much easier to participate and earn from GameFi.

Being a community-driven GameFi project, players from different blockchain games can join to build up the liquidity pool and profit together, so that they will not only earn from the P2E game mechanisms but also potentially up their profits from METAPK. Users will profit from pledging GameFi tokens and growing their token holding. In doing so, games will also grow in exposure and players; affiliated games’ tokens will then be burned in the METAPK ecosystem, bringing more value to players.

MetaPocket also has a sniper bot that can help users limit order buy, sell, and set stop loss with project launch sniping and arbitrage. The DeFi Launch Sniper can check the mempool which is a faster way to see any launch, then allow users to buy any token right after they launch on their terms, with the system’s smart capabilities.

Being the first platform to integrate players from different blockchain games to participate together to build up the liquidity pool and share the profits, MetaPocket has much potential this year especially with the GameFi boom in terms of players and projects.

With its power to bring more exposure and add value to affiliated GameFi tokens, a verified smart contract and a 10 year liquidity lock period, this might very well be the best time to get METAPK to reap the best profits.

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