What Is MAGCH? What Are The Features Of This Android Gadget?

It is an android tablet that works on the android 11 system. It is a budget-friendly electronic gadget with incredible features and wonderful functionality. If you are looking for an android tablet with low funds then selecting, MAGCH is the best brand. Here in this article, we are going to deliver the key highlights and the significant features of gadgets in the entertainment industry. In case you are in search of a gadget for your children which is light in weight, big in display and has a good battery backup, then considering this device is an interesting option for you. Let us have the detailed Magch tablet review 2023.   

Key-Highlights Of MAGCH Gadget!!

The gadget is worth buying for several reasons. Here are the key highlights of the gadget for your reference in a tabular form:

Features Details
Operating System Android 11
Screen Display 10.1 inch 1920 x 1200, IPS Full HD 1080P display
Standing screen display size 10 inches
Processor Octa-core processor up to 1.8Ghz
Screen resolution 192 x 1080
Battery 600 mAh
Type of connection C-type
Bluetooth V5
Camera The front camera is 8 megapixels, Rear camera is 13 megapixels
Wireless type 2.4G + 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi
Memory Size Inbuilt memory is of 64 GB, expandable size is up to 256 GB
Weight of gadget 2 pounds
Dimensions 9.3 x 6.2 x 0.35 inches
Color of the gadget Grey


Why Choose Magch Tablet?

If you are looking for a perfect gadget with a wide screen size and a camera then find your wish here on this page. This will be an answer to your question Is this the right choice or not? Explore the gadget’s features in detail including a display unit, OS, battery and other hardware details. In addition, its dual speakers and camera are best suitable for high-quality audio and video reproduction.  

Features Of The Android Tablet- 

Here are some of the superb features of the gadget that will lure you to get this tablet for your work purpose. 

  • Latest Android Version: This device will suit you in case you need the latest android version on your tablet. It is working on the android 11 operating system which is the latest in the tech market.
  • Screen Size: This is the feature that matters a lot when you work on a tablet for a long time! The tablet has a wide screen size of around 10 inches. With this screen size, you can opt for this tablet as the best android device for your kids. Moreover, you will get an HD display of 1920 by 1200 pixels and 224 pixels per inch (PPI), and also a display aspect ratio of 16:9 to make it more convenient. 
  • High-Performance: The hardware and software performance in an android device is the most important thing to consider. Magch ensures this objective is convenient for the users. You will get robust hardware with this gadget. Plus having a powerful T10 chipset, an octa-core processor is a great addition for providing the top-performance. Users can use this tablet for watching movies, listening to songs and over the top to receive an intuitive user experience. 
  • Easy to use: This is easy to use gadget with a pre-installed Google Play store. You just need to sign in with your Gmail account to use this and to install more applications of your use. 
  • Capable of multi-tasking: This tablet is worthy enough for users as it works with multiple applications at one time. This seems to be an aid for users. 
  • Battery life: This is again the most significant thing before selecting any android tablet. This is the main pillar of any gadget because it helps the users to use the device for a longer period. You will get a 6000 mAh battery with the device, and you can use this tablet for up to 11 hours. 

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Final Words

This tablet of MAGCH is the perfect choice with a decent android system and on an affordable budget. The price of Magch starts from $ 199 and it varies as per the model you choose for you.

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