What Is Kstarcoin? : The Blockchain for K-Pop Concert and Incentivised Hallyu Community.

Bringing the love of K-Pop to the world, KStarCoin is a decentralized platform that allows fans from all over the world to get access to the latest concerts and buy tickets to the wave of a pop music form that originates in South Korea. K-Pop had already seen an international exposure, but it really caught the attention of the world with the famous “Gangnam Style”. With the music reaching every corner of the world, the K-Pop scene exploded and the followers increased in many folds.

Fans, however, are faced with issues when it comes to attending the Korean concerts. Like all current form of centralized systems, the ticketing and its sale are not transparent and malicious people buy the tickets in large quantities, only to sell them at a steep profit. KStarCoin intends to battle this menace.

How KstarCoin Works

Using the power of blockchain, KStarCoin makes buying of tickets transparent. Since Tickets will only be sold through the platform, this will mean that whoever bought those, will not be able to resell them. This means that the black market for selling tickets at a higher price will essentially cease to exist. As a Blockchain-based platform, KStarCoin will give users other benefits, such as:

  • Community: Users will be able to connect with each other and follow their idols with updated information and news.
  • Cheaper Tickets: By eliminating sellers and other agents, the cost of selling tickets will fall, letting fans enjoy live performances of their favorite singers at a cheaper rate.
  • Instant Transactions: Using the native token of the platform, users will be able to instantly buy tickets to their preferred shows. No more standing in lines or waiting for their turn online.
  • No Slowdowns Or Downtime: Since blockchain is decentralized, this means that the platform will always be online. Along with that, the ability to cater to multiple transactions at the same time means that the network will not become clogged or bogged down like normal selling platforms do.
  • Secure: Since blockchain is extremely secure, fans need not worry of a hacker siphoning off their money during buying.

How KstarCoin Began

Established in May of 2016, KStar is originally a portal for everything K-Pop. It provides its users with updated news and videos related to the Korean scene, including K-Star, K-Pop, and K-Drama. The platform selects a number of Hallyu related video contents that are created by different fans and media outlets across the world for its users. Understanding that the international fan base does not understand the Korean language, it also provides services such as translations.

With more than 8 million users on the website, the developers provide daily upload to satiate Korean culture fans. Such a strong following of the Korean scene and the difficulties faced by people in order to enjoy their idols led the KStar team to develop their blockchain platform, allowing fans to fulfill their dreams with ease.

The KStar team is led by their founder and CEO, Lee Hee-Yong. Before founding KStarlive and the subsequent KStarCoin platform, Mr. Yong was working as a project leader in medical related big data development, in collaboration with Korean’s Ministry of Science and other health-related departments. He has experience in other projects where a large user base would regularly use it. This gives him the perfect edge in creating the platform that caters to a large number of people in a very tight niche such as the K-culture.

Other notable people in the team include Kim Tae-Hyoung, the CTO. As a programmer who has experience in mobile application development, marketing, and operations of digital companies, he is the perfect man to lead the programming and technical side of KStar.

Investing in the KstarCoin Token

The KStar platform is powered by its native token, the KStarCoin. Working as a medium of exchange, it will not only allow users to transact for concert tickets but also trade within communities and the marketplace. A total of 1 billion tokens will be minted, with a pre-sale rate of 0.05 USD per token with varying degrees of bonuses. 700 million of the tokens will be available for its planned ICOs.

Users can invest in the KStarCoin during the different ICO stages. Along with this, users can earn through different bounty programs and by participating through uploading original videos, blogs, and other postings. Concert arranging interested parties can also create events through crowdfunding, massively lowering their cost of capital and maximizing earnings.

KStarCoin, like all cryptocurrencies, is subject to market risks and any future legislation regarding blockchain based financial systems. Other risks include external ones that are not in control of the developers or the platform team, such as market competition, changes in technology and other unforeseen circumstances.

Visit the KStarCoin website for more information:

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