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What is Kawaii Fashion?

Kawaii is a Japanese word that translated into Spanish means “cute”, “cute”, “adorable” or “tender” and is often used when talking about fashion, toys, food, as well as habits or appearance. of a person.

In the case of Japanese kawaii fashion, something that causes a great sensation in the country has caused people who follow this fashion to imitate behaviors that are more typical of anime or more childish, looking more and more like dolls.


The term Kawaii has been increasingly integrated into Japanese culture, practically becoming a kind of identity stamp within Japan.

The masculine equivalent of this term is kakkoii, which would translate as “attractive man” or simply as “handsome”, as we commonly say. We can find a significant difference between men and women within this fashion, and that is that woman cultivates what is childhood, while they cultivate masculinity.

Pastel colors are the most prominent within this fashion, accompanied by the tender and adorable poses that the people who follow it do at all times. The Japanese have in mind a style of purity and innocence that they combine with a completely doll-like appearance.

The theme of food also plays a very important role. Accessories with cookies or sweets and lollipops give a very childish touch that fits perfectly in every outfit.

Accessories play a fundamental role in this fashion. A perfect accessory that perfectly accompanies an outfit, it can make this an ideal kawaii garment. Dolls, large or small, large colored bows, colorful socks or stockings, bags or backpacks with wings or ears… There are many ideal combinations for this type of fashion.

Kawaii Fashion Shop, a fashion brand that describes itself in its online store as follows, “markets adorable clothes covered in lace, frills, and bows like the ones worn by the fairy tale princesses you dreamed of as a child.” This brand is one of the best known within this fashion in Japan, but it is breaking barriers abroad.

Harajuku district, along with Shibuya, is one of the leading youth fashion districts in the country. This area offers a large number of clothing stores for all tastes, which is why many Japanese girls come to it in search of the perfect model.

In Harajuku, Kawaii fashion is not about making a person look cute from the male perspective when dressing, but about making women dress in what they think is really cute, without taking into account some prejudices and using a great variety of colors, the more striking and daring they are, the better.

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