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What is ISBN and Why It is Important in Self Publishing a Book

In the world of book publishing, there exists a hidden hero, quietly working behind the scenes to ensure the seamless identification and distribution of books. This unsung champion is known as the ISBN, or International Standard Book Number. In this article, we will dig deeper into the Importance of ISBNs in book self-publishing, shedding light on why ISBN is essential for a

What is ISBN?

The ISBN, or International Standard Book Number, is a 13-digit unique identifier assigned to each published book. It begins with either 978 or 979, distinguishing it from its predecessor, the 10-digit ISBN that was used prior to 2007.

Importance of ISBNs in Book Self Publishing

ISBNs are the unsung heroes of the publishing world, silently ensuring the smooth flow of books from the author’s desk to the reader’s hands. In the realm of print publishing, having an ISBN is non-negotiable. It is the key that unlocks the door to wider distribution and maximum exposure.

For authors venturing into self-publishing, the question of obtaining an ISBN becomes more important as authors are responsible for book distribution. While some platforms offer free ISBNs, they come with limitations, often tethering the book to a specific distribution network. And, free ISBN offered by publishing platform such Amazon that comes with their imprint name which make book appear self-published. Some outlets don’t consider selling self-published, as they think of low quality. In contrast, purchasing your own ISBN grants you control over your book’s distribution, allowing it to reach various platforms and outlets. Not only that your book appear it published by professional book published with high-quality standard.

How to obtain an ISBN as a self-publishing author

The process of obtaining an ISBN varies from country to country. Some nations offer ISBN for free to publishers in theirs nations. In countries like the USA and UK, obtaining an ISBN comes at a cost. In the USA, for instance, a single ISBN is priced at $125, a figure that can be daunting for authors on a budget. It is important to remember that ISBN are issued locally, but it is used worldwide. Depending on the nation ISBN agency, you may have to follow some rule at the time of obtaining ISBN and using it.

Here at Bookllo Publishing, we offer an affordable alternative. As a registered book publisher in the US, we acquire our ISBNs from a US-based agency, allowing us to extend substantial savings to independent authors. For just $39, you can secure a US-based ISBN through us, a vital step towards gaining recognition in the vast and competitive book market.

The Benefits of a US-based ISBN

Why choose a US-based ISBN, you might wonder? The United States boasts the world’s largest economy, making it a thriving hub for publishers and booksellers alike. By obtaining a US-based ISBN, your book gains entry into the database of the US-based ISBN agency, along with exposure through their extensive distribution network, Bowker Bookwire. This significantly enhances the chances of your book achieving the recognition it deserves, potentially leading to higher sales.

Why Choose Bookllo Publishing for Your ISBN Needs:

At Bookllo Publishing, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive ISBN services to independent authors, encompassing both book publishing and marketing. Our mission is to empower authors to self-publish their books professionally while retaining complete ownership and royalties. Here’s why obtaining an ISBN from us is a smart choice:

  1. Quick and Effortless: We make the process of obtaining an ISBN a breeze. After your purchase, simply provide us with your book details, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your book will be registered promptly, and you can expect to find it listed on within 24 hours.
  2. Cost-effective: While the official ISBN agency in the USA charges $125 for one ISBN, we offer a US-based ISBN for just $39, putting a powerful tool in the hands of budget-conscious authors.
  3. Utilize Our Imprint: Avoid the complexities of registering an imprint name by using ours. You’ll maintain full ownership and copyright of your book without any additional hassle.
  4. Unrestricted Distribution: Unlike free ISBNs from certain platforms, our imprint name and ISBN allow you to sell and distribute your book without any restrictions.
  5. Support: We’re here to assist you at every step of your book publishing journey, providing guidance on utilizing your ISBN whenever you need it.


In the world of book publishing, an ISBN is not just a number; it’s a passport to wider distribution, greater recognition, and enhanced credibility. Buy an ISBN for your book today through Bookllo Publishing and take the first step towards achieving your publishing dreams. Remember, your book deserves to be seen by the world, and an ISBN is the key that unlocks that potential.

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