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What Is International Men’s Day And What It Celebrates

International Men’s Day is one of those things that you may have heard of, but might not know what it actually celebrates. Held annually on 19 November, International Men’s Day is a time to celebrate the contribution of men to society, whilst also raising awareness about issues that affect men and boys around the world. So, what is International Men’s Day all about? And why do we need it? Let’s take a closer look. 

What Is The Purpose Of International Men’s Day And When Is It Celebrated?

International Men’s Day is celebrated every year on November 19th. The purpose of the day is to promote positive male role models, to celebrate men’s achievements, and build a better future for all. This year’s theme is “Making a Difference for Men and Boys”. Motivational speakers, Indigenous speakers and overcoming adversity speakers will be sharing their stories and messages of hope. There will also be a variety of interactive displays and stalls. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the important issues facing men and boys today. So come along and join in the fun!

Why Is International Men’s Day Important For Inclusive Cultures?

International Men’s Day (IMD) is celebrated annually on November 19 to raise awareness about the importance of men and boys in society. The day also highlights the positive contributions that men make to their families, communities, and nations. Indigenous speakers, motivational speakers, and overcoming adversity speakers are just some of the inspiring presenters at IMD events around the world. This year’s theme is “Better Men for a Better World.” The goal is to promote responsible and inclusive masculinity that values equality and respect for all. 

This is an important message for everyone, but it is especially relevant for young men who are still developing their sense of self. IMD provides an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the progress we have made in creating more inclusive cultures. It is also a reminder that there is still much work to be done in order to achieve true gender equality. Let’s use International Men’s Day as a chance to reflect on how we can be better men for a better world.

Why Inviting A Motivational Speaker To Speak On International Men’s Day Improves The Morale Of Your Workplace?

Many Indigenous people in North America have overcome great challenges and achieved success in a variety of fields. As a result, they make great motivational speakers who can inspire others to reach their potential. International Men’s Day is the perfect opportunity to invite an Indigenous speaker to your workplace. Hearing about the challenges they have faced and the successes they have achieved can be a great motivator for your employees. Indigenous speakers can also provide insight into the unique challenges Indigenous men face. This can help to create a more understanding and supportive workplace environment. If you are looking for a way to improve morale at your workplace, consider inviting an Indigenous motivational speaker to speak on International Men’s Day.

Why Is International Men’s Day Especially Important For Indigenous People And How Can Indigenous Speakers Help In This Area?

International Men’s Day is especially important for Indigenous people because it provides a platform to raise awareness about the unique challenges that they face. For example, mental health issues are prevalent among Indigenous men, and they are also more likely to experience violence and substance abuse. In addition, Indigenous men are often underrepresented in leadership positions and in the media. This can lead to feelings of isolation and low self-worth. 

International Men’s Day provides an opportunity to address these issues and to celebrate the positive contributions that Indigenous men make to their communities. One way to do this is by inviting Indigenous mental health speakers to share their stories and provide insight into these issues. Motivational speakers can also inspire change and help people to see the potential for positive growth. Ultimately, by raising awareness and providing support, we can help to improve the mental health and well-being of Indigenous men.

Hearing From Inclusive Role Models On International Men’s Day Can Be Inspirational To Everyone

RU OK Day was created to encourage everyone to have regular, honest conversations with the people around them about how they are feeling. The day is also about encouraging people to reach out if they are struggling and to offer support to others. RU OK Day Speakers are a group of diverse individuals who share their stories about how they have overcome adversity, including racism, mental health issues, and homelessness. These speakers are powerful motivators who use their experiences to empower others. 

Indigenous speakers are especially important role models on RU OK Day as they offer a unique perspective on what it means to be part of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. By sharing their stories, RU OK Day Speakers help to break down stereotypes and promote inclusion. Hearing from these inspirational speakers can be an invigorating experience for everyone.

Holding An Informal Men’s Forum That Can Act As A Safe Space With Mental Health Speakers Is A Good Way To Celebrate International Men’s Day

International Men’s Day is celebrated to highlight the achievements of men and to promote gender equality. An informal men’s forum that might serve as a safe environment for speakers on mental health issues is one method to commemorate the day. This type of event can help to break down barriers and open up dialogue about important issues. 

By featuring overcoming adversity speakers, motivational speakers, and Indigenous speakers, the event can help to promote positive messages about masculinity. In addition, the forum can provide an opportunity for men to connect with others who are facing similar challenges. Ultimately, holding such an event is a great way to commemorate International Men’s Day.


International Men’s Day is an important day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of men around the world. This year, we’ve seen a shift in focus towards indigenous people and their unique challenges. If you want to learn more about how to improve the morale of your workplace on International Men’s Day or are looking for a motivational speaker who can share his insights on indigenous culture, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to help!



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