What Is Heavy Haul Trucking? How Are Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Helping Businesses Globally?

How Are Heavy Haul Trucking Companies Helping Businesses Globally?

COVID-19 hindered the trucking operations in the first half of 2020, but a solid economic curve in 2021 is a hint that the trucking companies in Canada and other countries are still thriving. Heavy-haul demand is anticipated to rise if the government, as predicted, invests more in infrastructure to help the country recover from the epidemic and generate employment. More specialized and certified carriers will be required to fulfill the increased demand.

Vectra Heavy Haulers is specialized in oversize shipment, and they have been providing their unmatched services since 2013.

What Is Heavy Haul Trucking?

Heavy-duty trucks are commercial vehicles used in various industries, including transportation, agriculture, and construction. Oversized loads such as industrial machinery, military or farming equipment, and building materials are transported by heavy-haul trucking.

These shipments require careful management, improved route, and additional permissions because the vehicles convey bulky cargo. The driver cannot just go out on the road and drive from point A to point B because heavy hauling requires considerable expertise.

This is why you should choose Vectra Heavy Haulers, as they will take the responsibility to handle your oversized shipments with utmost care.

What Is Characterized As A Heavy Load?

Heavy loads are those that exceed the legal limit on most roadways. While values vary by state, anything wider than 8.6 feet, higher than 13.6 feet, length than 53 feet, or weighing more than 80,000 pounds gross weight is considered a heavy load.

Heavy-haul trucking companies may move everything from heavy-duty mining or military equipment to airplane components or wind turbine blades. Transporting heavy cargo typically necessitates specialized trailers and trucks of various types.

Some resemble a standard tractor-trailer with a gooseneck that may be removed (also known as an RGN trailer). Others are available in numerous pieces, such as articulated trailers with motorized pusher wheels at the very back. Are you confused about step-deck vs. flatbed? Ask your service provider, and they will provide you with the necessary details.


Understanding and cooperating with various state, municipal, and county agencies and obtaining the proper movement permissions is one of the most critical responsibilities of heavy-haul trucking companies.

State permissions are based on the topography, population density, ecology, and legislation in the area. Permits are typically issued three to five days after you submit your application. You must submit a movement plan, cargo information, and time estimates to get a permit. Keep all of your permission paperwork on hand and ready to show to authorities if they ask.

Vectra Heavy Hauler will do all the homework for you since they have considerable field experience and an excellent reputation.

Helping Global Businesses

Vectra Heavy Haulers should be your first choice if you want help with cross-border transportation of your shipments or require specialized equipment to get your oversized loads moving. Hiring a reputable trucking company like Vectra will always bring profit to your business.

Here are some of the most efficient ways to bring more profits to your business by hiring the best trucking company in your area:

1. Options For Moving Freight

The first significant advantage of using a heavy haul trucking company is transporting more goods in shorter durations. Many businesses don’t have any means of shipping their goods, or if they have, they can only transport limited shipments using a few corporate vehicles.

When dealing with Vectra Heavy Haulers, this isn’t the case. They will handle all the fuss, and you can supply as many items as you require, ensuring that you always have the choice.

2. No Liability

If your business has its own trucking/shipping division, you have to take many responsibilities. You’ll need specialized insurance that protects the drivers, vehicles, and shipments. This is too much headache for most businesses to bear, and this is why partnering with a reputable trucking company like Vectra is the best option.

3. Fast Deliveries

Nothing is more irritating than placing an order and waiting a long time to receive it. This is particularly true if the party ordering something requires it immediately or in large quantities. If your company manufactures appliances, for example, and someone has recently placed a large purchase, they will be pretty disappointed if their cargo does not come soon enough for them.

The most straightforward approach to secure speedy deliveries is choosing a renowned and recognized trucking company like Vectra Heavy Haulers.

4. Better Reputation

Every company makes every effort to establish a brand. Successful businesses like Coca-Cola and McDonald’s come to mind when one thinks about the most influential, most relatable brands. These businesses offer customers exactly what they want, making them an authority.

When you hire a heavy haul trucking company to ship items to your consumers, you’re providing them precisely what they want: faster, safer delivery of the things they need. This greatly enhances your reputation.

5. Exponential Growth

The more you can deliver to customers, the more trusted you are as a provider. While your company may not be in the transportation or freight sector, utilizing one to aid your business distinguishes you as a reliable provider.

This implies expansion, maybe exponential expansion. With the support of an exceptional trucking company like Vectra Heavy Haulers, you will start to acquire more and more orders, and your business will flourish.


Collaborating with a reputable heavy haul trucking company can benefit your business in many regards. You can save money, deliver supplies faster, improve your reputation, and expand your brand. The best choice for you is Vectra Heavy Haulers because they take responsibility and provide their clients with the best services.

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