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What is Google Ads? Different Types of Google Ads You Can Utilize

Google Ads

Marketing is a crucial part of your business that allows you to reach potential buyers and attract them to buy your products or services. And a significant part of marketing is publishing ads on different platforms.

Online platforms are one of the most used ways of advertising as they help reach more targeted customers at a lower cost. You’ll find a lot of platforms offering the scope to publish ads and capture potential customers.

Google Ads is one of them.

What is Google Ads?

Google has an ads platform that allows businesses to publish ads on its different platforms like the Google Search engine, YouTube, partnered websites, and others. It is called Google Ads Platform. Using this platform, you can publish different types of ads to the customers searching for your products or related.

For this, you need to own a Google Ads Account through which you’ll manage everything.

How to Get Google Ads Accounts?

To take advantage of the different types of ads available in Google Ads, you must have an account. Creating an account is not a big deal. 

Also, some 3rd party websites have Google Ads Accounts for sale. For example- you can get Google Ads accounts from DotParadox. Doing this would save you from the tiring process of creating one. Also, old accounts perform a bit better than new ones.

DotParadox sells these accounts at an affordable price. So, you don’t have to pay a lot of bucks to get one. Also, after placing the order and making payment, you won’t have to wait for days to receive the account details.

Buy top-quality Google Ads accounts and enjoy 24/7 customer support from them.

Let’s know the types of ads you can publish if you have an account on this platform. 

Types of Google Ads

Based on the type and placement of ads, Google offers several types of ad campaigns.

Google Search Ads

Such campaigns are mainly text-based and run on the search result page when a searcher uses a keyword related to your business or ad topic. The main advantage of such campaigns is your products are published to a lot of high-intent traffic. But the problem is such ads are highly competitive.

Different types of search ads are dynamic ads, responsive ads, and call ads.

Google Display Ads

These ads are typically image-based ads shown on both search engine and YouTube. Such ads are great for brand building as they get a lot of impressions and have a better chance of attracting potential customers if designed wisely.

Display ads are cheaper, which is a positive side. But the click-through rate is also low. Single-image display ads and responsive display ads are the two main types of such ads.

Video Ads

Google also has a video ads option to publish on YouTube. Such ads are played to relevant users before a video starts, in the middle, or ends. Such ads are typically for providing better information about your product or service.

The target audience gets more connected to video campaigns. Thus, such ads can drive emotions better. However, creating and publishing video ads are costly. Some types of video ads are in-stream ads, in-feed ads, bumper ads, out-stream ads, etc.

Shopping Campaigns

As the name says, shopping campaigns are for businesses that sell products. Such ads are shown on both search results and the shopping tab. Shopping ads drive the traffic directly to the product page.

Such ads include the original photos of your products, which attracts more traffic. Also, you can easily add or remove special attributes like ‘price drop’ or ‘discount’ in these ads.

App Campaigns

These campaigns are for driving more traffic to your app and making them to install it. Such campaigns are displayed on search engines, app stores, and related partnering websites.

App install, app engagement, and app pre-registration are three app ads you can use.

Google Smart Campaigns

These ads are placed automatically. You just have to provide information in the beginning. Google will place these ads on search engines, YouTube, maps, or partner websites matching searched keywords.

Such a campaign saves you time by automating the process. Also, you can reach many places with just one campaign. But as it highly depends on the machine learning model, more errors can happen.

Final Verdict

Putting ads on Google’s platform is a great option if you want to improve your business and sell your products or services. It helps you reach your products to potential customers easily. Also, you can choose specific campaigns for specific types of products, services, or apps.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of your publicity budget with a Google Ads account. 

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