What is Gongfu Tea Set?

A Gongfu tea set is made up of a gaiwan (tea bowl) and pinming (tea cups). The cups are usually small and it is considered polite to finish the cup with three sips. The gong fu tea leaves should be steeped several times, for around thirty to sixty seconds, at a slightly higher temperature. When you’re finished, leave a small amount of tea in the cup, indicating that you’re satisfied.


The Gongfu tea set includes the classic teapot and the corresponding two cups. The gaiwan itself is glazed on the outside but unglazed on the interior, and is often paired with a saucer or plate. This three-piece design evolved during the Ming dynasty, when Chinese tea drinkers began brewing whole leaves. These cups and teapots are also stacked on top of one another for easy storage and transport.

Tea bowl

A full gongfu tea set is very affordable and designed to showcase fine teas. This tea set comes with several components, including a small teapot, tea cups, a pitcher, a strainer, and a compact bamboo tray. You can also choose to purchase other accessories, such as a Cha Dao or a tea pet. Here are some reasons why you should consider purchasing one of these sets.

Tea tray

The Gongfu tea set includes 29 pieces and features a bamboo tray that measures fifteen inches by one and a half inches. The bamboo tray has a lid that slides off to collect the overflow water. You can also find a matching teapot and tray in the same style. Gongfu tea sets are an excellent way to display your tea and the aesthetics of traditional Chinese teaware. Here are some tips to choose the right glass tea set for you.

Pinming tea cups

The Pinming tea cups in Gongfus are tiny, shallow, and made from bamboo. Each cup is approximately six ounces in size. These cups are used for drinking tea, but can also serve as a decoration. The Gongfu tea set contains 29 pieces, including the fair cup. The fair cup, which is reminiscent of a small pitcher, holds the tea mix. The Pinming tea cups are smaller than western teacups.

Gongfu tea

A Gongfu tea set is beautiful both inside and out. It comes with the necessary tools for the ceremony, a tea table, a cup, and a lid, and is the perfect gift for a Chinese tea enthusiast. Many gongfu tea sets also include tea pets. These are small vessels that are used to catch spills and serve tea. They also serve a dual purpose by holding the tools and soaking them in the tea.


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