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What Is Excavation? Why Is It The Most Important Part Of The Construction?

What Is Excavation? Why Is It The Most Important Part Of The Construction?

Helms Construction is the leading construction company in Calgary, providing all the construction services under one roof. The company is here for over 30 years, serving the amazing people of Alberta with all its capacities.

What Is The Role Of Excavation Companies?

Before starting your building projects, much work behind the scenes requires significant attention. The most important thing is excavating the land for more fruitful results. Excavation is step one in the construction process and one of the most critical stages.

 Excavation is necessary for establishing the foundation of your building, and as a leading excavation company in Calgary, you can always count on Helms Construction. Site preparation, grading land, leveling, trenching, drilling, and, of course, digging holes are all covered by excavation.

Whether you need foundations for your buildings, basements, roads, driveways, walkways, sewage lines, pipes, drainage, landscaping, and swimming pools, you will need to hire reliable excavation services. Excavation speeds up the building process and allows you to build your structures to their full potential by giving you more control over the project site.

Processes Involved In Excavation

The entire procedure entails the following processes:

1. Collaboration

Helms Construction will collaborate with other professionals such as permit services, utility providers, and land surveyors to plan for the task before digging any hole. They also handle the necessary permit procurement and project management. Planning for drainage, demolition and removal services, transportation, and material distribution are all part of this. Next, the area is staked out and cleaned of obstructions such as trees, logs, stones, and vegetation.

2. Grading, Drilling, Or Digging The Site

The experts at Helms Construction will grade and smooth the soil, remove any existing structures in the way, and transport away the dirt and trash. They ensure that the soil is adequately prepared for proper drainage, both on the surface and beneath the earth. Site preparation is necessary to prepare the ground for the construction project and address any erosion or drainage problems issues.

4. Mobilizing Our Trenching Team

Professionals excavators dig trenches for foundation footings, utility lines, sewage and drainage pipes, and water pipes. All these processes are taken care of with extreme precaution so that you don’t end up paying the extra amount for the damages.

5. Finalizing

Cut and fill work, which involves moving dirt from a high region to fill in a lower one, is required when everything else is done already. Helms Construction takes responsibility for clearing the site after excavation so that you don’t need to worry about doing stuff by yourself.

Duration Of Excavation Projects

Keep in mind that many factors influence the length of time it takes to excavate your project site properly, and times might vary significantly. Usually, excavation for a foundation can take anything from 3 to 4 days to 3 weeks. 

A 10-foot over-dig is the worst-case situation. This is more likely to happen in places with huge stones or if there is an unusually high amount of clay beneath the surfaces.

Rest assured that you don’t need to worry about unnecessary delays when Helms Construction is onboard. This is what makes them superior to others.

Why Is Excavation Important?

A commercial or residential building’s foundation must hold hundreds of thousands of pounds while still being level, dry, and resistant to weather fluctuations such as summer heat and freezing temperatures. The foundation itself plays a crucial role in the longevity of the project. The earth must be thoroughly dug and prepared for a foundation to bear the tension, which requires far more than merely excavating a trench.

When planning to create a foundation, each building site has its own set of features that must be considered. Soil stability, water tables, moisture, and even backfill quality must be considered for each foundation. 

For example, sites with a high water table may require a basis of firmly compacted cobbles to protect the foundation from water damage. In contrast, locations with loose soil may necessitate compacting or extra aggregate material to build a stable foundation base.

Professionals at Helms Construction screen possible issues such as high water tables or unstable soil and take the required procedures to prepare the ground for an outstanding foundation. 

Future problems with the foundation, like sagging, separating, or cracking, can be avoided by having the competence and experience to handle the challenges associated with each construction site. This is where the company’s more than 30 years of experience pay off.


Whether you opt for highly efficient pre-engineered steel buildings or conventional structures, you will need a proper foundation. Because it deals with enormous challenges and lays the basis for the whole project, excavation necessitates expertise, competence, and meticulous attention to every individual project. 

Helms Construction employs modern procedures, equipment, and machinery to ensure that the project is done correctly. You are welcome to check their versatile portfolio of past work by visiting their website (

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