What is DexiDragons? The New Web3 Mobile Game That Everyone’s Playing

Dexioprotocol has built a stunning array of web3 products in its short lifespan. As well as their full AR bounty-collector DexiHunter, the team has a roster of quality mobile games that let their players take part in the Play-to-Own (P20) revolution. The highlight is DexiDragons, in which players collect, train, and care for a team of cute yet powerful dragons before leading them into battle in fast-paced PvP strategy shooting action.

If the success of Pokemon is anything to go by, players love collecting teams of monsters for use in battle. Even in the web3 space, the breakout title that garnered so much of the original hype around blockchain-powered gaming was Axie Infinity, a game where players – you guessed it – collect teams of monsters called Axies. The issue? – the game wasn’t very fun, the mechanics were basic at best, and it lacked that addictive replayability that makes the best mobile games so great.

What is DexiDragons?

DexiDragons gameplay is exactly that. After outfitting your collection of dragons in various wargear and accessories, players then engage in ranked ladder combat and prove that their dragons, however cute, are the most powerful team in town. Each DexiDragon enters the battlefield with a set of abilities, and choosing when to use these will be key. Too early, and they might get easily countered. Too late, and your poor little DexiDragons will already have been immolated in the fires of your enemies before you had a chance to react. This is the case whether you play PvP or in the game’s campaign PvE mode.

While adventuring through the story in PvE, players can tech up their Dragon’s Lair and create a beautiful resting place for their Dragons in between games. Most of the lair assets are non-blockchain, and are more of a bit of creative fun than competitive advantage, but let players add cute additions if they choose, installing grand dining tables, large paintings and delightful statues, and let your team of DexiDragons relax before the action begins. There will be seasonal events too, with player’s Dragon Lairs changing with the holidays.

Massively Multiplayer Online Mayhem

In PvP, teams of DexiDragons will square off in flight, manoeuvring around the battlefield taking shots at one another. Players will have to be quick and accurate to eek out maximum advantage and utility from their team, as well as employing strategy. Even if a team is several DexiDragons down, it’s still possible to make comebacks if players maximise their skill advantage.

Before going into battle, players can seek advantages by kitting out their team using NFT accessories. Whether that’s wearing a pair of Air Dragons that increase health, a Mariachi hat to boost damage, or a Wizard Hat to help heal faster, choosing the right items for each member of your team and creating a blend of roles will be key. 

Accessories like this are all directly owned by the player, and can be earned in-game or bought on the secondary marketplace through Dexioprotocol. Once a player decides they don’t need an item anymore, they can sell it on, its stats having been boosted from the time a player spent using it. 

In-Game Assets As NFTs

Accessories for in-game can also be won by winning ranked ladder matches and competing in special tournaments, as well as participating in community events like Yesports’ Convergence, which the team recently announced a partnership with on Twitter, and by which members of the community can win in-game NFTs for their DexiDragons and other Dexiverse exclusives by joining in. Convergence is the largest web3 gaming to eSports event in the world, and Dexioprotcol will be speaking at it and showing off DexiDragons to a huge audience of competitive gamers.

Tournaments form a crucial part of the ongoing DexiDragons ecosystem. Regular weekly and monthly tournaments give players a chance to win Dexicash and other crypto bounties. DexiDragons, like all games in the DexiGameVault, is integrated into the wider Dexiverse through the Dexioprotocol. Other cross synergies include finding DexiDragon accessories when exploring in DexiHunter, Dexioprotocol’s flagship AR metaverse.

Other Highlights of the DexiGameVault

Although DexiDragons is the current recipient of acclaim among the blockchain community, other games in the DexiGameVault are also creating innovative experiences. DexiKnights is a competitive PVP open world fighting game where players power up their knights by looting dungeons of their treasure, destroying bosses for their artefacts, and even taking from other players through challenges and wagers of skill. 

In this darkly colourful yet competitive landscape, players will try to take their knight to the top and compete in the grand tournaments of the day, proving their prowess and taking home the grand prize. As with DexiDragons, all items a player collects in DexiKnights is theirs to own. They can trade these accessories with other players so they can get the ones they want. Own a legendary sword but want to be an archer? You can trade it with other players or sell your sword on the open market to get the kit your character wants.

In contrast to the frantic competitive environments of DexiDragons and DexiKnights, DexiCarnival lets the players unwind with some light-action arcade games but be in with a chance of real crypto and NFT prizes. The mini-games act as a great palate cleanser after a tough session on ladder.

Dexioprotocol’s Early Success in Web3 Gaming Shows Wider Promise

The DexiGameVault is still in its infancy, but its impressive library of games has already made an impact on the web3 space, bringing addictive PvP gameplay with strong underlying crypto primitives. Players will own their items and assets as they play and participate in an active community and thriving marketplace as they battle one another in the DexiDragon skies, and collect a fantastic, funny, and cute array of DexiDragons each with their own special combat ability. 

Dexioprotocol’s integrated AR metaverse DexiHunter allowing cross-vertical rewards is an example of how web3 can be different, and how, with Dexioprotocol, it already is. Especially as rewards earned in the Dexioprotocol suite of products can be transferred out into other forms of value – even fiat. Such is the promise of web3. Such is the promise of Dexioprotocol, which is clearly one of the protocol’s to watch in 2023.

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