What is CryptoHawk?

CryptoHawk is a trading exchange and financial services provider on the blockchain. It is the first ever blockchain based infrastructure of any kind that offers an all-encompassing solution for cryptocurrencies. The platform promises every functionality and tool relevant to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. CryptoHawk is owned by CryptoHawk AG, a crypto focused company headquartered in Switzerland. CryptoHawk is built around 4 major functionalities using the latest blockchain technology. These four features include cryptocurrency enabled credit cards that can be used for payment in local stores, a cryptocurrency exchange with support for fiat currency, a payment provider and ATMs that will allow for the instant purchase of coins with fiat money.

CryptoHawk is offering its own native token developed on the Ethereum based smart contracts – HAWK. HAWK Token has been designed and is being marketed as a utility token of ERC20 standard. The ICO of HAWK token is in two phases – the second phase is currently on. HAWK is exchangeable with the following coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, DASH, Litecoin, Waves and of course fiat currency. The ICO is an opportunity for investors to acquire HAWK as no more HAWK will be created beyond the total issuance amount made available for the ICO.

History of CryptoHawk

The concept of an all in one cryptocurrency solution was first birthed way back in August 2016. The market analysis, preparatory work research and concept development of the platform started out in February of 2017. July 2017, saw to the development of the cryptocurrency exchange. The marketing campaign to raise awareness in preparation for the CryptoHawk ICO commenced in January of 2018. Certain additional core features of the platform are far gone in the development stage with the beta version of some ready to be released. Currently, The CryptoHawk credit cards are being tested awaiting its official launching.

Beginner’s guide to CryptoHawk

CryptoHawk markets itself as an ‘all in one solution’ to cryptocurrency. All the tokens listed on the CryptoHawk exchange will be supported by any services platform. As ERC-20 compliant token, HAWK can be stored on any Ethereum supported wallet. Additionally, token holders of HAWK are entitled to 25% of the total revenue generated by the platform, the revenue will be paid out on a monthly basis to all token holders as long as they hold the tokens.

CryptoHawk as a cryptocurrency exchange aims to trade all of the major coins and tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. In addition to trading the dominant cryptocoins, one of CryptoHawk’s primary essence also lies in further establishing and promoting the acceptability of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in the society across all industries and sectors; from the standard trading of cryptocurrency on exchanges to making a purchase in the local retail store using any recognized coin.

The future of cryptocurrency in the system lies partly on how well it is integrated and accepted in the society as a legal tender. As long as restrictions abide, then payment flexibility may never be a marketplace reality. This is why CryptoHawk is focused on the acceptance and widespread use of digital currency.


CryptoHawk is providing a revolutionary blockchain platform, one that offers fast support with respectable security standards while providing transparency and trust. Check out the website for more details on the all in one crypto solution.


Token Name : HAWK

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