What is CryptoCarz? – The future of Car Racing built on Blockchain.

A virtual reality game, based on decentralized technology, CryptoCarz combines the best of VR with blockchain to give its users a gaming experience that will test their skills as if it were the real world. The cars offered are virtual replicas of real world, limited edition models that will be run on virtual tracks specially designed by the CryptoCarz team

CryptoCarz: The Works and The Team

CryptoCarz is based on merging VR, an entertainment technology that has gained massive grounds in the last few years, thanks to an increased interest in the technology, and the programming / hardware apparatus catching up to make the visuals as good as the real world.

The game is based on blockchain technology, allowing for massive improvements in online gaming. The technology allows players to use NFTs, or Non Fungible Tokens, tokenized assets that can be traded in the real world like assets, to buy and sell not only virtual assets in the game, but being tradable, they give value in the real world too.

The studio behind the concept, Blockchain Studios, has members that have a passion for cars, blockchain and games. Thus, the merger of the three attributes was inevitable and CryptoCarz began. To race in the game, a user will have to show ownership of a car through the NFTs, that is modelled and stored as an ERC721 compatible token. Initially, the game will see 20 cars offered for players, with limited edition of each of the 20 models- 650, to be exact. The models will be hardcoded into a smart contract and thus, no more will ever be made.

Investing, Earning and Risks in CryptoCarz

Buying the ERC721 NFT is the only way to represent your car through the smart contract. As the VR cars are limited in production, their value will increase with passage of times and you keep on upgrading your car and it will be sought after other car enthusiasts.

Holding on to a car is an investment opportunity, albeit a closed circle one. For people who have access to other serious players, this is one opportunity they should not let pass.

The cars are in development and can be bought from their website, so keep an eye out for them!

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