What is Corporate Video Production? Get to know about Animation:

Video Production

Corporate Video Production:

Corporate video production is the process of creating content precisely that conveys are specific purpose. Such videos are designed chiefly for the corporate sector to promote their services and products to their target customers. Videos that have a profound message and are an attraction for the audience. One of the best corporate video production companies is a fewStones in Singapore. They perform several steps of video creation, starting from conceptualization, filming, and editing them in their Animation Studio Singapore. They have an experience of more than 11 years incorporating video creation, animation videos, etc. fewStones provides different types of video production like live-action videos, 2D and 3D animated videos, live streaming, etc. Corporate video production is a several step process that focuses mainly on storyboarding and graphic designing.

How are corporate videos produced?

Corporate video production involves multiple steps. The content might be animated or filmed as per requirements. The steps of video production are given below:

Pre-production or conceptualization: Building the concept of the video is a significant process in video production. Focusing on the purpose of creation, requirements, and brainstorming ideas is one of the steps that can help build a concept for the video. Each step must be carried out to convey the main idea and message to the audience. The next step is to prepare a script with dialogues and narrations. Then comes storyboarding, which is the essential step in conceptualizing a video. Storyboarding includes creating visual sequences, scripting, planning, and sketching. An AI Storyboarding Generator can be used for this purpose. This helps to reduce the cost and time of creating storyboards.

Production or graphic designing: The primary step in video creation involves filming and shooting the video. Creating animations for an animated video. With the help of storyboarding, the planned scenes are then created with the help of animation or recording.

Post-production or editing: This involves the editing of the video, like adding sound effects, arranging the scenes, Background music, adding graphics, etc. Post-production is an important step that adds value to the content. By adding visual effects, one can enhance the quality of the content.

Marketing and promotion: When the video is complete, it is ready to be released, distributed on various platforms, and handed over to the corporation. The video is promoted and advertised on several platforms. Reviews are then taken from the customers, or sometimes changes are added to the client’s demands.

Animation in corporate video production:

Animation is an exciting way of representing ideas and concepts without the involvement of actual human actors. In animation, ideas are represented more dynamically and excitingly. In corporate videos, animation plays a vital way representing data in a more simple way rather than complex ideas. Creating images and drawings and then bringing them to life through animation can convey the actual purpose of creation clearly and uniquely. Animation and corporate video production altogether can create a unique piece of art.

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