What is Connected Retail Experience? Why it Matters to Your Business Now?

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Customers expect a seamless experience when they purchase products online or from a store. Modern shoppers are clear about their purchasing choice and they prefer to shop on their own terms through various digital channels.

There are ways a retail business can be in touch with their customers – through multiple devices, channels and touch points. In recent years, digitization has forced retailers to change the way they target, acquire, and interact with their customers. Therefore, to keep them happy, it is important to deliver connected retail experience.

What is connected retail experience?

A connected retail is all about providing a seamless experience to customers through various channels, online and offline. Connected retail experience fulfills customer shopping needs without any channel or touchpoint restrictions. With this experience, customers can:

  • Purchase products from online store or offline store, app or website or social media channels
  • Pay using the preferred mode such as cash on delivery, pay at the store or using app, and ship products by preferred mode.
  • Supports various delivery modes such as curbside pickup, Buy from store and delivery to home, and so.

Online giant Amazon is also providing connected retail experience to its customers. The company provides store locations from where customers can pick their products that are ordered online at their own convenience and time.

Why is connected retail important for your business?

Most customers prefer to purchase from the retailers that provide relevant shopping experience to them. With connected retail, customers can shop according to their convenience with trouble-free payment and delivery options. Moreover, they focus on the offers and benefits they receive from you, and this helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers get convenience to be able to browse and purchase in a seamless manner. They will come to know if the items they are going to purchase are in stock and in their size. Customers will be able to engage with you on their own terms – can pay the way they want, wide delivery and return options, all these factors will favor your customers and prompt them to come back to you for the future purchase.

With connected retail solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce , you can provide personalized offers, promotions and service across channels. And create memorable interactions before, during and after a sale. Connected retail experience helps to create meaningful relationships with your brand and customers. In addition to these, customers will be happier with a variety of shipping options.

Connected experiences help you improve the bottom line and nurture competitive advantage.

What strategy do you set up for a customer-centric retail experience?

To deliver a reliable and consistent experience to your customers, it becomes important to understand their trends, shopping patterns and behavior. By centralizing data from both online and offline channels together in one place, you can know about a customer’s current purchasing journey, their buying preferences, what events trigger their purchasing decisions, and what are their shopping patterns when they are on your website, app or in-store.

Deliver connected retail experience with Microsoft Dynamics 365

To make your customers more delightful, adopt Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology within your business. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce comes with advanced tools and capabilities that helps you address your customer’s needs across offline and online channels.

Using advanced tools, Dynamics 365 Commerce provides a holistic view of your customer and help you respond to their needs in all their engagement based on customer profile, purchasing history, and preferences. The solution provides customers the flexibility to purchase on their own terms from any device using modern payment methods.

Employees can build long-lasting relationships through in-depth customer insights, AI-driven recommendations and various loyalty programs. The solution integrates back-end operations, on-line store and physical store activities to provide omnichannel commerce experiences. It comes with advanced features for stock management, distributed order management, merchandising, promotion and pricing.

With easy deployment and configurable options. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce is the smartest pick to deliver connected retail experiences. Besides elevating customer experiences, it streamlines your retail processes, improves employee productivity and business growth.

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