What is car salvaging and how is it different from scrapping?

Car Salvaging

A salvage car has been involved in an accident or damaged to the extent that the insurance company has deemed it a total loss. Once you use your car and it cannot be used again you often cell them to the car dealer but if it is not appropriate for use you get them for salvaging. The main objective is to dispose of the car through various means whether it is regarding scrapping or salvaging. Visit 1800 Salvage if you are interested in car salvage. 

What is car salvaging?

Car salvaging is a technique where they are bought in order to replace the part and make it worthy for the road again. In case the parts are not replaceable then they will use the part of the vehicle and fix them in the new one to make them roadworthy. The different categories are based on the type of damage that the vehicle has endured which ranges from A, B, C, D, N or S.

If it belongs to the A category then the vehicle cannot be repaired and it requires proper crushing. For the B category, the vehicle cannot repair but you can salvage some part of it. For the C category, the repair would cost more than the vehicle is worth. The D category would require less money to repair the vehicle. The N category refers to the vehicle that can be repaired by repairings non-structural damage while the S category vehicle can be used after the structural damage repair.

How is it different from scrapping?

Scrapping and salvaging are two different things but the only difference is analyzing their repair potential to return them to the road. In scrapping the vehicle cannot be returned to the road and is crushed down but in salvaging proper analysis of vehicle condition is done for the safety and security of the population. 

  • The scrapping of a vehicle is done when it cannot be used by any repair or cost while the salvaging is to use them in the best condition that can be achieved from their original form.
  • Scraping is done specially for accidental cars but salvaging is useful for different components of the car like steering seats, light tyre battery and engine.
  • If you see the return amount on scrapping it is a low return while in salvaging you can get the return according to the salvage category.
  • You cannot use a car which has gone through scrapping but after concession, you can partially use a salvaged car which can prove a better deal if you are looking for a low-cost cheap car.
  • The decision of scrap totally depends on the top management while the salvaging can be done by customer consultation and the decision is under the authority of the customer


Scrap or salvaging your car is a loss decision for the organisation but in order to provide the high quality and good product they need to either scrap or salvage things. It is a rightful decision after the proper investigation to either scrap or salvage your car for the safety of yourself and other people walking on the road.

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