What Is Blockchain Technology And How Does It Works


Do you know what blockchain technology is, and how it works? If not then stay here because in this article I am going to share genuine information on blockchain. It’s a very much larger distributed ledger technology (DLT) and can eliminate vast amounts of record keeping and also it can save money.

That’s why many websites like safex now are providing services to embed crypto currencies in shopping websites as a payment gateway through blockchain. A simple example of blockchain is a google docs, where we can create a file and share it with many people without copying it or transferring it. It creates a chain where many people can visit that document at the same time.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain know-how is a construction that stores transactional information, also called the block, of the general public in a number of databases, often known as the “chain,” in a community related by peer-to-peer nodes. Typically, this storage is known as a ‘digital ledger.’

Every transaction on this ledger is allowed by the digital signature of the proprietor which authenticates the transaction and safeguards it from tampering. Hence, the data the digital ledger incorporates is very safe.

In easier phrases, the digital ledger is sort of a Google spreadsheet shared amongst quite a few computer systems in a community, by which the transactional information is saved primarily based on precise purchases. The fascinating angle is that anyone can see the information, however they would corrupt it.

The Two Primary Components of Blockchain

Blockchain can truly be regarded as the mixture of a number of totally different present applied sciences. While these applied sciences themselves aren’t new, it’s the methods by which they’re mixed and utilized which caused blockchain. According to CoinDesk, these two parts applied sciences are:

  • Private Key
  • Distributed Network

Private Key

The non-public secret is what grants a cryptocurrency consumer possession of the funds on a given handle. The Blockchain pockets routinely generate and shop non-public keys for you. When you ship from a Blockchain pockets, the software program indicates the transaction together with your non-public key (without truly disclosing it), which signifies to all the community that you’ve the authority to switch the funds on the handle you’re sending from.

The safety of this technique comes from the one-way avenue that’s getting from the non-public key to the general public handle. It shouldn’t be possible to derive the general public key from the handle; likewise, it’s unattainable to derive the non-public key from the general public key. In the Wallet, your 12-word restoration phrase is a seed of all the non-public keys of all the addresses generated throughout the pockets. This is what lets you restore entry to your funds, even in case you lose entry to your authentic pockets. Using the backup phrase will copy over your non-public keys to a brand new pocket, primarily creating a precise reproduction of your authentic pockets, full with used addresses and transaction historical past.

Distributed Network

The digital signature of the cryptography ingredient is then mixed with the distributed community know-how part. Blockchain know-how acts as a big community of people who can act as validatory to achieve a consensus about varied issues, together with transactions. This course is licensed by mathematical verification and is used to save the community. By combining the usage of cryptographic keys with a distributed community, blockchain permits for brand new forms of digital interactions.

The idea of private and non-private keys

The normal function of PKC is to allow safe, non-public communication utilizing digital signatures in a public channel the place there will be doubtlessly malicious eavesdroppers. In the context of crypto currencies, the aim is to show {that a} spent transaction was certainly signed by the proprietor of the funds, and was not solid, all occurring over a public blockchain community between friends. 

When your personal crypto currencies, what you actually personal is a “private key.” Your “private key” unlocks the precision for its proprietor to spend the related crypto currencies. As it supplies entry to your crypto currencies, it ought to – because the title suggests – stay non-public. 

In addition to a personal key, there’s additionally a public key and there’s a cryptographic hyperlink between the general public key and the non-public key. It’s potential to get better with the general public key in case your personal the non-public key. However it’s unattainable to seek out the non-public key utilizing solely the general public key.

Public and personal keys are subsequently analogous to an email handle and password, respectively. 

Alice can theoretically create billions of public keys (addresses) from her non-public key, which she solely has considered one of and capabilities as her non-public password that solely she is aware of — her secret. Once Alice creates a public key handle, that handle is publicly accessible to all customers within the community as a handle to the place they will ship crypto currencies like Bitcoin. Only Alice can enter the crypto currencies dispatched to that handle since she has the corresponding key to the publicly accessible handle.

How the Transaction Works

One of Blockchain know-how’s cardinal options is the best way it confirms and authorizes transactions. For instance, if two people want to carry out a transaction with a personal and public key, respectively, the primary particular person would connect the transaction data to the general public key of the second get together. This complete data is gathered collectively right into a block.

The block incorporates a digital signature, a timestamp, and different necessary related data. It must be famous that the block doesn’t embody the identities of the people concerned within the transaction. This block is then transmitted throughout the entire community’s nodes, and when the precise particular person makes use of his non-public key and matches it with the block, the transaction will get accomplished efficiently. In addition to conducting monetary transactions, the Blockchain may maintain transactional particulars of properties, automobiles, and so forth.


In this article I have shared all the basic information of blockchain and how it works, but there is a lot to know. So try to learn something every day to know more about blockchain technology. And if you liked our content, then comment below and let us know about your thoughts.

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