What is BCharity?

BCharity is an international charity fundraising platform based on the blockchain. BCharity has an ambitious vision that utilizes the blockchain technology to provide a revolutionary charitable giving platform. It offers a blockchain based decentralized charity exchange that eliminates the barriers and intermediaries common to traditional charity platforms to ensure that every donation contributes to the success of humanity. The platform connects benefactors – individuals and organisations from all over the world to the deprived and less privileged in need of the funds.

BCharity will also help the less privilege share their challenges with the public by publishing their stories online. By so doing, BCharity will not just connect benefactors to the needy but will also give these charity foundations recognition on a global scale so that people who would have otherwise never heard of them can know their stories and reach out to offer help however they can via BCharity. Putting into consideration that a greater percentage of charitable acts are done because someone requested for it, BCharity will provide a platform where everyone will be able to fulfill their philanthropic desires at any time from anywhere in the world without having someone put out a request.

The BCharity token denoted by CHAR is a cryptocurrency for charitable giving and good causes. CHAR is an ERC-20 complaint token of the Ethereum blockchain. It adopts the Smart Contracts to ensure that all donated funds are streamlined for the right purposes. Like with all cryptocurrencies, CHAR is not subject to regulation by any financial institution or government. The tokens will be offered to the public in a token sale in exchange for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other established Altcoins.

History of BCharity

In the third quarter of 2017, the idea of a decentralized charity exchange was born. BCharity was innovated by Vladislav Kolodistyy, Matthew Guignard, Robby Schwertner, Roman Prishchip and Dmitry Maslo. The required preparatory work and market research was carried out towards the end of 2017. In March 2018, a marketing campaign was launched to create awareness about the platform in readiness for the ICO – a private sale which was held in March. The private sale the first stage of a 3 stage ICO preceding the pre-sale and the main crowdsale scheduled to commence at the end of the private sale.

Beginner’s guide to BCharity

With the motto being ‘world charity in one place’, BCharity’s utmost priority is to provide a fully transparent and easily accessible decentralized platform that will enhance the efficiency of charitable acts across the globe. BCharity provides an innovative and unique solution that tackles the deficiencies of the traditional charity system. With the integration of the blockchain technology, BCharity is set to not just revolutionize the system for those in need and the benefactors, but it will transform the activities of charitable organizations, bringing decentralization and trust to the charity ecosystem. Blockchain eliminates the need for intermediaries between the needy and their benefactors. Funds are sent directly and instantly to those in need, whenever it is needed, wherever it is needed. Also only officially registered charity organizations are eligible to receive donations to avoid scammers and fraudsters posing as the needy party.

Unless the benefactor chooses to make an anonymous donation, all funds transfer are fully transparent and recorded. Noteworthy is the fact that BCharity also provides a language translation service called BCharity Translate. Essentially, the service ensures that all non-English texts sent to the platform by charities are converted to English for the understanding of the philanthropists on the platform who may want to make a donation towards their cause. English is the most widely spoken language in the world and though some of the recipient charity foundations may be in far out corners of the world where English isn’t spoken as a major language, BCharity breaks the language barrier to put their message out for the world to see. Some of the target groups for charitable acts are those affected by but not limited to the following cases; natural disasters, armed conflicts, religious wars etc.


BCharity is serving both parties simultaneously – those who need help and those who want to offer help. The platform is establishing a name for itself, as the global framework of the benefactors and the deprived. Please check out their website here for more information about the international charity exchange.


Token Name: CHAR

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