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What is ATS for Staffing Companies?

An ATS or Applicant Tracking System is software that is meant to help to hire managers and the human resources department in a company keep better track of applicants during the hiring process. Naturally, different types of ATS programs will offer different features. As is the case with any new technology that your company is looking to implement, ideally, you’ll look into the features that different options offer before you commit to implementing any ATS software. This is a simple case of wanting to make sure that anything that you implement, as far as new technology goes, helps the process, and doesn’t just add a layer of complexity to it.

Having said this, most medium-sized companies across a wide variety of sectors already implement this type of software. Therefore, people working as recruiters or other folks in the hiring process will likely have experience dealing with ATS software. Will implement one makes sense for your staffing solutions even if you’re running a smaller operation? There’s an argument to be made that smaller operations can benefit more from an ATS. Just based on the fact that you’re less likely to have enough staff to read through all of the CVs that you get for an open position.   Visit to learn more.

Features From An ATS That Can Benefit Most Companies

An ATS is usually going to be able to process a candidate’s application and then classify them to weed out the best ones according to your needs. Sometimes it’s just as simple as creating a form for candidates to submit their applications. You can ask certain questions in the form, and the program is going to filter candidates based on their answers. If for example, you don’t want to have to deal with employee relocation, the system can filter applications, so you only see local applicants.

 Another very cool feature that these ATS programs tend to offer is the ability to automatically post your application on multiple job boards. This is going to save recruiters a ton of time. The application can have a link to a form that you set up where you want applicants to apply. In a sense, you’ll be weeding out all of the potential applicants that didn’t even read through the application enough to know the correct way to apply for the job.

Choosing The Right ATS To Match Your Needs

We’ve talked about just a couple of the main features that most ATS software can offer. There are a ton of different things to consider. For example, certain ATS options will limit the number of applicants that they can manage on a basic membership. This is something that you’re going to want to account for when looking for the perfect ATS software. We’re not necessarily recommending that you go for the option that allows you to find more applicants at the lowest cost. Sometimes it’s even the opposite. Companies will go with a brand-name product that costs more without necessarily looking at what it truly offers. When you know what you need, it’s easier to buy something that fits those needs.

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