What is an Oracle Database and How Does it Work?

Oracle Database

A database is an organized set of electronic data which is stored in an accessible way. They are used by everyone in some form or another, from hospitals to grocery stores to banks to mobile providers. Databases are a necessity within companies to store and manage large amounts of important and often confidential information, so it is vital to use a high-performance database. 

What Is Oracle?

Oracle is a computer software company and the world’s largest database management corporation. Based in Texas, they sell computer technology software and services which are used by some of the most prominent brands from all over the world.

What Is An Oracle Database?

An Oracle database is a trusted Relational Database Management System (RDMS) that has a variety of beneficial and desirable features that companies often look for when selecting a database where they can safely store and retrieve data quickly. Because there are so many variations of Oracle software, you require Oracle licenses, which authorize the use of products. It is therefore useful to seek advice on Oracle database licensing to ensure you understand your entitlements. This is to ensure you have access to all the information which can allow you to optimize your Oracle license and how you can use their software.

What is an Oracle Database

What Are The Benefits?

Oracle databases are one of the most popular in the world and report that customers provide a 417% return on investment over 5 years. This can be credited to its various features, including the following.

  • Cross-platform: it can run across various operating systems and hardware, with smooth communication. 
  • Partitioning: data can be divided up and stored across different devices 
  • ACID-compliant: which ensures data security and reliability.
  • Easy to operate: with its logical data structure, you can easily find what you are looking for.
  • High speed: even larger databases work at a high level due to memory caching architecture
  • One database: no matter the data type (e.g. integer, and Boolean) only one database is needed.
  • High security: advanced security solutions can detect and prevent data breaches. This includes encryption, privileged user access controls, key management, and data masking.

How Does It Work?

Like most RDMS, Oracle databases use structured query language (SQL) to execute commands and manage records. There are 3 key aspects to how they do this. They use structures to store and access the data in a database; this includes memory structures. Then there are the operations, which are actions that allow data and structures to be manipulated. Lastly, there are integrity rules which control the operations and structures. Overall, the data is stored and organized in tables and is also retrieved from them.

So in summary, Oracle databases are used by corporations to store information and data in a secure way. These databases have many desirable features, such as high speed and the ability to use them across different platforms. It is important to note that licenses are needed to use these complex pieces of software so it is always best to consult experts who can help you. 

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