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What Is An Islamic Forex Account?

Islamic forex

Forex trading is frequently seen as haram in Islam, but it is possible to trade. Finding an Islamic forex account that allows swap-free trading for Muslims is critical.

This post will explain what an Islamic forex account is and how to open an Islamic trading account.

Remember that this is not a religious authority on Islamic trade and that you should seek an Islamic religious authority if you have any questions.

What is an Islamic forex account?

Also known as a swap-free account, this is a halal trading account offered to clients on the Islamic stock market following the principles of Islamic finance.

Characteristics of an Islamic trading account

  • Sharia law forbids the collection of interest; hence Islamic traders do not pay or receive interest.
  • You must make currency transfers between Islamic accounts instantly without delay.
  • Trading is not a gamble. Sharia law forbids gambling or speculation; thus, you must rigorously follow the data.
  • Because Islamic trading accounts do not allow interest collection, they compensate by giving wider spreads to their clients.
  • Traders don’t have to worry about expenses associated with holding forex holdings for a long time with this account.

How to open an Islamic Forex account?

Non-Muslims could not open an Islamic Forex account, and Muslims had to show proof of faith. This was unpopular. Non-Muslims can now open accounts with major Forex brokers if they follow the regulations stipulated.

Types of Islamic accounts include:

  • Micro account

This account is for traders new to forex trading or dealing in small amounts.


  • Spreads are from 1 pip.
  • The leverage max is 1:1000.
  • Market execution is available.
  • The minimum opening deposit is $5.
  • Account currency: USD, EUR, NGN, JPY
  • Premium account

This suits seasoned retail traders. This account’s primary feature is position sizing flexibility.


  • Opening deposit of $100.
  • It is 0.01 lot.
  • The maximum trading size is 60 standard lots.
  • The maximum open order is 300.
  • Account currency: USD, EUR, NGN, JPY
  • Zero spread account

This account is ideal for scalpers, large-volume traders, and those who employ Expert Advisers.


  • Zero-margin raw spreads.
  • Deposit of $200.
  • 500 minimum open orders.
  • Limit and stop levels starting from 2 pips.
  • USD 0.03 per 1000 lot commission.
  • Auto account

Traders can use this account to imitate any Signal Provider automatically. These paid signals are verified once a month.


  • Spreads from 1 pip.
  • Opening deposit of $200.
  • The leverage max is 1:500.
  • Account currency: USD, EUR.
  • Trade size increment of 0.01.

As soon as you finish the registration process, your account will be open for use. Then you can make your initial deposit and start trading. You can request a withdrawal from your online account at any time.


Whatever account you want to open, it’s best to secure yourself and your money first. Keep any broker-supplied paperwork and carefully read the fine print.

Use the brokers’ free demo accounts to practice until you are comfortable with the trading platform. This sample account gives you access to actual market conditions but virtual funds. This way, you can try out the product without risking any money.

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