What is an Ember JS Development?

Ember JS

Javascript framework enables you to manipulate the functions and also to use them to suit your convenience. Most web developers prefer JavaScript frameworks as they are more adaptable when compared to other frameworks. Moreover, they are helpful to make the applications device-responsive. There are many best JavaScript frameworks like Angular, React, Meteor, and many more. Ember js is one of them. Do you want to know more about Ember js development? Let’s dig in.

What is Ember js?

Ember js is an open-source and free JavaScript framework used to develop web applications. It is a component service framework. What is a component service framework? Components refer to individual bundles of style and behavior. The service side provides a durable shared interface to integrate with other systems and libraries. An example of this is Router. It is a service component and is widely used in Ember js development.

Ember js is a productive and also tested JS framework. It has all that you need to develop applications with rich UIs and applications that work on all devices. It is the right choice to build ambitious applications since it has unique features.

Ember is an MVC or Model-View-Controller framework. Hence it is suitable for building large applications.

History of Ember js

Yehuda Katz, a member of the Ruby on Rails, jQuery, and SproutCore teams created Ember js. He created it to get rid of the confusion between the widget library and the application framework of SproutCore 1.0. Ember js was born in the year 2011 in the month of December. Initially, it was called SproutCore 2.0. Subsequently, the name was changed.

What are the MVC components of Ember js?

1.      Model layer

This layer is built with a combination of models and ember-data. It is responsible for all server-side communications. Moreover, it also does specific tasks like data formatting.  The layer uses ember-data to simplify the code and improve the performance.

2.      View layer

The next layer, the view layer, is responsible for drawing the elements on the screen. It has a sophisticated system to create and manage views. Views are essential to respond to click, scroll, and drag, etc. It is also essential to update the contents of DOM (Document Object Model).

3.      Controller layer 

This is the layer between model and view. There are two main controllers. They are the Ember object controller and Ember array controller.

What are Ember js tools used for Ember js development?

Ember js has wonderful tools to support app development. There are a few essential tools that are very important for development.  Let’s have a look at them. 

  1. Ember CLI – Ember CLI automatically manages and creates Ember js projects. It is an important command-line program and has many features. It is difficult to develop an Ember app without this tool.
  2. Ember CLI Mirage – This tool is a mock server and helps to run a functional prototype of an app. It is a perfect tool for proof of development. Ember CLI Mirage has a shorthand to set up API endpoints. It is also an indispensable tool for Ember js development.
  3. Ember Inspector – It is useful for checking the state of the running of your app. You can check the hierarchy of the template, depreciation, and the layout of the routes. It helps in debugging Ember applications.
  4. Ember Twiddle – Ember Twiddle makes the development of small proofs of concept easier. Moreover, it also allows you to choose specific library versions from the toolbar. It is a tool specifically designed for Ember.

What are the main features of Ember js?

  1. Ember js uses templates to update models automatically when the application content is changed.
  2. One of the unique features is its router. It allows you to avoid breaking the web. You will be able to get URLs by default.
  3. This tool has HTML and CSS at the core.
  4. ‘Computed properties’ is another important feature. It allows you to declare a function as a property. You can use this feature when changes are made to the property.
  5. It provides debugging of Ember applications with Ember Inspector.

Why should you use Ember js?                                                

Ember js makes the development process easier and faster. It is suitable for both small as well as large projects. Developers enjoy working with Ember js because of its multiple advantages. What are the advantages of Ember js development?

1.      Ember is easy to learn and integrate

The style and the structure of the codebase are similar to others. So, it is easy to learn. This is a big advantage for Ember js development companies. It takes little time to train new developers in Ember js. Moreover, the company can move developers between projects. It takes just a few hours to get familiarized with the codebase and work on it because technology does not act as a barrier while switching projects. Ember js also improves the agility of your company. It helps to solve many challenges easily.

2.      Convention over configuration

Ruby on Rails popularized the idea of convention over configuration. Ember too used the idea. As a developer, you need not waste your precious time making decisions on configurations and thinking about the roadmap for the product. It has a specific set of APIs and libraries that consist of rules to write, check, and test code. Therefore, developers develop and deploy applications easily and quickly. So, you will be able to build more features in less time and less money. Moreover, it has an automated tool for updating. So, this is a great option when you are working as a team.

3.      Vast selection of add-ons

It has a huge ecosystem with a vast selection of add-ons. You can install them easily. Most of them need just one line. So this is a blessing to the developers. You can create your add-ons with a small command ‘Ember add-on name’.

4. Other benefits

  • First, it is a high-performing framework because you can process many tasks in a single go.
  • Ember js has a complete stack of front-end development tools.
  • There is a ready-made structure for the application.
  • Lastly, the API is developer-friendly.

What are its minuses?

  • Ember js is not very flexible.
  • It is not very popular. Moreover, its growth is also sluggish.
  • Finally, this framework is highly opinionated. 

There are a few limitations. However, there are more benefits. So it is a good choice as a development framework. 


To sum up, Ember js is a good option for all companies, from startups to corporates. Of course, this is also the best option for both frontends as well as backend developments. It will surely fit into your workflow. Get the best out of Ember js by hiring the best Ember js development services. 

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