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What Is an Astrology Chart – Moonly App Explains

What Is an Astrology Chart – Moonly App Explains

The natal chart is what astrologers call the map of the stars in the sky at the time of a person’s birth. We learned from an article in Moonly app what components make up that chart.

In astrology, a natal chart is a horoscope made especially for each person, indicating the location of the planets at the time of their birth. According to it, natal astrologers describe the personality traits of the chart’s owner and try to predict potential events in their fate.

The Natal Chart  – what is this?

According to Indian philosophy, the soul is constantly reborn and lives different lives. All its actions have certain consequences and make up the karma. According to the law of karma, everything that happens to us is a result of our past actions. Karma manifests itself through thoughts, fears, desires, intentions which later develop into actions and choices which define our life.

Sanchita karma is the sum of all actions ever taken. It has an unknown, shadow part that can’t be seen. It can show itself quite unexpectedly through our deep urges. And there is a known part, Prarabdha-karma, that can be seen. This is the karma that is ready to be experienced in current reincarnation. There is also Kriyaman-karma, which is created as a result of our current actions and lays the foundation for the future and Agama-karma — what we are just planning to do.

What Is an Astrology Chart – Moonly App Explains

Olga Ramora, founder Moonly app:

«The natal chart shows our nature: who we have become as a result of our past incarnations, how we will show ourselves in different areas, what we will have to face in life. The three main indicators of the chart, the core of the personality is based on, are the ascendant, the Moon and the Sun. One also takes into account which house has the most planets — this sphere plays an important role in life».

The natal chart is an astrological tool for reading Prarabdha Karma. It reflects the position of the planets at the time of birth. Each planet has a certain energy and type of karma. They can be strong or weak in the chart. It depends on the degree, the position in the house and the sign of the zodiac, the influence of other planets. Strong planets and houses show life spheres we worked on, made a lot of effort and succeeded in past lives. In this life, one realizes their potential in such spheres easier and more naturally. Weak houses and afflicted planets show that in these spheres there were some negative actions taken place and disruptive behavior.


It is also called the Rising sign or Lagna. This is the sign of the zodiac that rises in the east at the time of birth. It defines our “self” in the outside world — behavior, character, appearance, health, ways of interaction. The planet ruling the ascending sign is the owner of the horoscope, the ruler of the entire chart called Lagnesh. The energies of this planet will have the most significant influence on shaping one’s personality.

The Moon

Its position in the sign of the zodiac shows the inner part of the soul, the subtle astral body. It determines the psyche, mind, emotions, intuition, reactions to the outside world and getting experience. Also, the Moon in the chart is an indicator of inner happiness at the time when the soul comes to earth.

The Sun

It shows identity, self-consciousness, ego, the ability to show oneself in the outside world and realize one’s potential.

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