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What is an Air-Gapped Wallet?

A type of cryptocurrency wallet, an air-gapped wallet, is fabricated to remain disconnected from the Internet or any other form of wireless communication. These wireless connections may include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and USB drives as well. 

Now, you may be questioning why we call this wallet air-gapped. In this type of wallet, there is a physical “gap of air” between the wallet device and any wireless communication or online networks. This offers an added level of security against exploits and hacks. 

How Does an Air-Gapped Wallet Function? 


Air-gapped wallets are cold wallets at heart and are completely disconnected from the internet, making them similar to physical, minimally interactive devices to help store the private keys. Some partial air-gapped wallets don’t connect to Wi-Fi, NFC (Near Field Communication), Bluetooth or any other wireless medium. And again, there are some fully air-gapped wallets that don’t support USB connection.

An air-gapped wallet employs computer-based software applications that support PSBTs, expanded as Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions or other partially signed transactions for different transactions. 

Now, let’s take a detailed look at how an air-gapped wallet functions in executing a Bitcoin transaction. 

Step 1: Creating a PSBT 

First up, users use a Bitcoin wallet to start a transaction on an online device. The users are required to enter the recipient’s Bitcoin address and the amount they want to send. 

Now, here’s the thing. The online device does not have access to the user’s private key, making it impossible for the device to sign the transaction fully. So, a PSBT or a Partially Signed Bitcoin Transaction is created containing all the transaction details. Here, you should note that this transaction does not have a digital signature signed by the user’s unique private key. 

Step 2: – Signing the Transaction 

Next, a QR code is scanned to transfer the unsigned transaction into the user’s air-gapped wallet. One can also record and store the transaction as a file or document. 

The air-gapped wallet has a private key inside it and thus can sign the transaction offline. The fact that these wallets are not connected to any wireless communications or the Internet keeps your private key in safe hands like none other. 

Step 3: – Broadcasting the Transaction 

Once the transaction is fully signed and transferred to the online device via a QR code, the signed transaction is broadcasted to the Bitcoin network by the online device. Next, just like any other transaction, the miners process and confirm the transaction, which is recorded on the blockchain.

What are the Different Types of Air-Gapped Wallets?

Air-gapped wallets are available in a plethora of different forms. Here, we have stated the most important ones.

  • Air-gapped Hardware Wallets

If you want to store private keys offline, an air-gapped hardware wallet might just be the thing for you. These specially designed hardware devices facilitate transactions with no chance of the private keys being exposed to wireless communications or an online environment.

These devices are equipped with touch or physical buttons for manually approving transactions and have a digital screen displaying the transactions. 

  • Air-gapped Computers 

You might be flabbergasted to learn that you can use an entire computer as an air-gapped wallet. This computer is never connected to the Internet and is used exclusively for signing transactions and storing private keys. 

A USB stick is typically used to transfer the unsigned transactions to an air-gapped computer, and the same process is followed to transfer the signed transactions out of the system. 

  • Air-gapped Smartphones 

You can also use your smartphone as an air-gapped wallet, just like an air-gapped computer. You should factory reset the phone and set it up without an internet connection. Next, all you need to do is install the wallet software, and you are good to go. 

Is an Air-gapped wallet the most secure way to keep cryptocurrencies safe? 

According to the crypto community, air-gapped wallets are the most secure wallets when compared to other types of wallets. 

This top-notch security stems from the fact that an air-gapped wallet is designed and used on a device that is not internet-enabled, thereby greatly negating the chances of online threats like phishing, malware, and hacking. 

These wallets store private keys on completely offline devices, making it downright impossible for malicious actors to access them unless they get hold of the physical device. 

Why Choose ELLIPAL Titan Air-Gapped Cold Wallet? 

If you are on the lookout for a 100% air-gapped hardware wallet that features top-notch security, you should certainly consider checking out ELLIPAL Titan. The supremely engineered air-gapped wallet ensures robust cryptocurrency protection and management. These wallets employ a secure element chip for storing the private key, thereby defending against software and hardware attacks as well. This device also supports multi-sig, i.e., multi-signature wallets for enhanced security. 

You can verify transaction authenticity with the ground-breaking QR code scanning mechanism, thereby thwarting unauthorized transactions and phishing attacks. In case of theft or loss, you can easily recover your private keys using the wallet’s 12-word mnemonic phrase. You can manage ELLIPAL Titan via a mobile app. Not just that, this device has a whopping 4-inch touchscreen display that ensures effortless navigation and supports 10,000+ cryptocurrencies on 40+ blockchains, including the big names in the industry like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Moreover, ELLIPAL Titan is equipped with anti-tampering sensors that automatically detect physical tampering attempts, ensuring an added protection level.

Final Take:

Do you hold a substantial amount of assets as crypto, and that too for the long term? The ELLIPAL Titan Air-gapped Cold Wallet is a must-buy for you. The supremely engineered cold wallets offer top-notch security for cryptocurrency users. In these wallets, the private keys are stored on a device that has no connection with any form of wireless communication or the Internet. In this way, the most sought-after Titan Air-Gapped Cold Wallet offers a robust defense against online threats. Connect with ELLIPAL to get your cold wallet and make your crypto journey much more secure and safer



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