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What is a Workation and How Does it Work?

What is a Workation?

Nowadays, there are many solopreneurs, freelancers and home business owners all over the world. Focusing on your work is crucial and sometimes you simply can’t back away even for a little while. 

If you do, a lot of things could possibly go wrong and you’ll have even more work on your hands. However, you desperately need a break or you’ll burnout sooner rather than later. 

Then you’ll start making mistakes that could’ve been avoided, to begin with. Fortunately, there’s a solution and it’s called a workation. You can choose one of the best cities for a workation and use an opportunity to keep up with your work, while having some downtime in the process. 

It’s the best sort of compromise for people who need to work but also need some rest at the same time. With that in mind, here are a few things you should know about a workation and how it works. 

What exactly is a workation?

As its name suggests, a workation is a mix of work and vacation. The purpose of a workation is to allow you to continue working and focus on your important tasks but at the same time, you have more free time to enjoy yourself and rest. 

The point is to change the work scenery for a while. You pick a nice place you’d like to visit and go there as if you were on a vacation. However, it’s not a full vacation as you’ll continue to work when you get there. Of course, you won’t be working at the same capacity as you normally would. 

After all, you do need a bit of a break. Think of workation as something similar to what digital nomads do. They visit different places all over the world and they work while traveling. If you’re not a digital nomad, you’ll be working remotely from someplace nice rather than your home. 

How does it all work?

A workation is not all that complicated when you think about it. Basically, you pick a destination, such as another city or a country, for instance and you book a trip like you would when going on a holiday or a vacation. 

However, there are few more factors to consider because you’ll be bringing work with you. Here are a few examples.

  • You pick a date for a workation usually when business is much slower than usual. This allows you to take advantage of slow business days so you won’t have to work full-time.
  • You choose accommodation based on your needs. For instance, a hotel, motel, house or an apartment that has good Internet bandwidth, appliances etc. After all, you might be staying a while longer than you would when on a vacation.
  • Pick a less stressful environment, such as a quiet town, ski resort or someplace near the beach depending on the season. You want to go somewhere where you can rest and relax.
  • Bring everything you need for work so you don’t have to cancel the workation sooner than you should. 

Planning a workation tends to be challenging if you’re on a tight budget. Then you have to pick a place that suits your needs including matching your current financial status. 

Why not go on a vacation instead?

There’s a time and place for a vacation. Everyone has a right to a vacation once or twice during the year. However, you might feel overworked, too stressed out or even unmotivated long before the time for a vacation comes. 

Besides, freelancers, solopreneurs and other business owners often can’t afford the time away from work to go on a vacation. There’s just too much work to do and so little time. That’s why a workation is usually a more convenient option than a vacation. 

You can go on a workation whenever you want basically. Even if you’re a full-time employee you can negotiate with your employer to let you go on a workation. This is especially true if the company you work for encourages remote work. 

Only difference is that a workation is remote work with little less work time and little more free time. The point is to change the work environment so that you can escape the stress and become more productive. 

More often than not, simply going someplace else can significantly improve your efficiency and morale. A workation is, in fact, designed to help busy people rediscover their motivation and creativity while continuing to work. 

Closing Words

Sometimes work can get quite overwhelming. Even though you’re in desperate need of a break, you can’t leave your work undone. That’s what a workation is designed for. You’ll be able to change the scenery and clear your mind while continuing to work. We all need to slow down every once in a while if only to avoid burnouts and mistakes that can cost us more than we’ve bargained for. 

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