What is a Vertical Monitor? And Why Would You Need One?

You might be thinking that vertical monitors are some special sort of monitors that you can purchase from the market. Well, the answer is no. These are the same old traditional monitors that can be rotated 90 degrees to make them vertical.

By rotating the monitor and changing its orientation from landscape to portrait, you convert any monitor to a vertical monitor. There is a bit of technicality involved which we will be discussing in a bit.

Here at Monitors Guru, we will discuss what actually is a vertical monitor as well as some of its benefits as follows: 

Why is there a need for a vertical monitor?

Vertical monitors are mainly preferred by coders and programmers in a multi-monitor setup, but others can also use them for increasing productivity and enhancing the multi-tasking experience.

Coders and programmers have to deal with thousands of lines of codes on a daily basis. The number of code lines they can see on a horizontal monitor is way too less as per their needs.

So, they use the best vertical monitors in addition to the regular monitor, which allows them to read more lines of code at once and spot the bugs faster. The vertical monitor increases their productivity and also makes complex tasks less time-consuming.

People whose work involves reading and writing tasks can also benefit from vertical monitors. The vertical monitor will allow them to have a better reading experience and view more of the page while writing.

Can you convert every monitor into a vertical monitor?

It is true that any monitor can be converted into a vertical monitor, but that depends on certain other factors. Your monitor either needs to have an ergonomically adjustable stand that allows rotation or VESA mounting holes.

The ergonomically adjustable stand allows you to easily rotate the monitor in vertical orientation, but not all monitors have this stand. So, monitors that don’t have rotatable stands can be mounted on arm or desk mounts.

The VESA mounting holes allow you to connect the monitor to wall or desk mounts which will make them ergonomically adjustable and easily rotatable into a vertical orientation.

However, if your monitor has neither VESA mounting holes nor bracket nor the adjustable stand, then you will need special mounting gear designed for your monitor. While considering the transition to a vertical monitor setup, an important aspect to contemplate is the stability of your monitor. With a monitor stand riser, you can ensure that your vertically oriented monitor is not only stable but also at an ergonomic viewing height, enhancing comfort during long working hours. It also provides extra desk space, making it a practical addition to any workspace.

How to convert your horizontal monitor into a vertical one?

After you rotate the monitor into a vertical orientation, the job is still half done. You have to convert the display internally from Windows settings to vertical orientation in order to convert your monitor into a vertical one.

Here are the steps to do that in Windows:

  • Right-click on any empty space on your desktop.
  • Select display settings from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Scroll down until you see the option of Display Orientation under Scale and Layout section.
  • Change the landscape orientation to vertical.

Now, your monitor has been converted to a vertical monitor.

However, if you are using another operating system, then the settings will be a bit different.

For Mac OS, you can open system preferences, hold down CMD and Alt buttons and click on the Display icon. Then, under the title rotation, you can change the orientation of your monitor.

Similarly, you need to go to the system’s settings in Linux and change the orientation of your monitor under rotation settings.

Why do Gamers have a vertical monitor setup?

The vertical monitor has very limited application, but modern gamers have found a use for it for themselves as well. Although it doesn’t enhance your gaming experience, it will improve the streaming one.

Streamers are using vertical monitors in a multi-monitor setup to open up chats of the stream. The vertical setup allows them to see more messages on the chat, and engage with their audience more efficiently.

So, streamers can also use vertical monitors to enhance their streaming experience and communicate with their audience in a better manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vertical monitors different from the horizontal monitor?

No, the monitors that exist in general can be used as both horizontal and vertical monitors. There are no specific vertical monitors. You can easily rotate your horizontal monitor into a vertical one. You can read complete instructions from the above guide.

Can you convert every monitor into a vertical monitor?

Yes, almost every monitor can be converted into a vertical monitor, however some not so easily. If your monitor stand doesn’t allow rotation, then you will need to mount the monitor on a vertical stand in order to convert it into a vertical monitor.

Should I use a single monitor as a vertical monitor?

Well, we don’t recommend it. Vertical monitors are beneficial when used in a multi-monitor setup. However, if you are writing or reading long documents, you can convert your monitor into a vertical monitor for better productivity.

What are vertical monitor stands?

Monitors that don’t have a rotatable stand require special stands to convert your monitor into a vertical one. Make sure your monitor has VESA mounting holes or brackets so that it can be mounted on a desk or wall mount.

What is a temporary vertical monitor?

If you need to complete tasks that require a vertical monitor, you can change the monitor’s orientation temporarily to a vertical monitor and then revert back to your older settings. In this way, you will have a temporary vertical monitor.

Conclusion: Should You Go For A Vertical Monitor?

Vertical monitors do not have very wide applications. For example, for gaming, photo editing, rendering, and most business tasks, vertical orientation is not needed. However, for coders, programmers, readers, and streamers the vertical monitor can prove to be very beneficial. The setup allows them to increase their productivity and enhance their workflow. So, they will be able to complete tasks much faster.

We have shared complete details that can help you convert your horizontal monitor into a vertical one. We hope the guide is helpful. Adios!

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