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What is a social enterprise and how is it like to work in one?

A day in the life of a social enterprise marketing manager

As the manager of marketing for a social enterprise, you’d be responsible for developing and overseeing the implementation of strategies and tactics to convey the importance of the organization’s work and drive donations or subscribers. You’d also be charged with making the organization known in its community and establishing its reputation as a trusted provider of important services or goods.

You’d work to build the organization’s brand through communications and may also help create a culture of service and gratitude toward the people the organization serves. You might manage the social media channels, create email newsletters, craft compelling web content, devise inviting, search-engine-friendly websites, and devise engaging online advertisements. You might also coordinate press releases related to consequential events or announcements.

The role may include directing or contributing to the design and production of brochures, print newsletters, posters, and other  marketing materials. You may also research markets, demographics, and other information pertinent to the organization’s work and how it’s best to reach its customers. And you may conduct research on competitors or similar nonprofits.

Depending on the size of the organization, you might also manage one or more staffers or work with a consultant. You’d likely meet with the executive director and other decision-makers to discuss goals and strategy and to hash out tactical  questions. You might also coordinate with other internal staff and advise them on how various activities will support the organization’s goals. Beyond that, your day could include meeting with media representatives, attending community events, presenting to staff or volunteers, and keeping abreast of industry news and trends that might affect the organization.

What are the qualities of a good social enterprise marketing manager?

As the leader and ambassador of your organization\’s marketing efforts, you’d need to have a blend of strategic and creative minds, a humanitarian outlook, and a can-do attitude. You will need to be able to strategize and nurture the organization’s branding and outreach while fostering a service-oriented culture. You will need to be a flame for your organization’s branding and outreach efforts and foster a service-oriented culture.

You will also need to know how to cultivate and nurture relationships with media representatives, community leaders, volunteers, donors, and other connectors in the community. You will need to be able to brainstorm creative ideas for branding, promotions, events, and outreach. And you’d need to be able to strategize about how to best reach the organization’s key audience.

Sharing from real experience working with Banah Digital

Banah Digital partners with Baan Dem Rak to serve disadvantaged communities in Thailand. While Banah Digital is a web design agency, they function as a social enterprise that wants to use digital skills to impact communities. They run digital skills training at beginners and advanced levels for people within the community that Baan Dem Rak serves, and provide job and internship opportunities to help them gain real life work experiences. 

Want to find out more about Banah Digital and their founders? Follow their blog here.

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