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What is a Seasonal Logo and Why You Should Have One

seasonal logos

And that’s another interesting to know about! Yes, we are talking about the seasonal logos. Wait a minute, you are unaware of these? So, to start with we would like to introduce the same to you and then we would look into its benefits and other aspects. Yes, this can be seen on websites offering custom logo design services online. Nowadays, these logotypes are so much in trend that even multiple online games also do this. 

Now before we head any further it is important to understand what seasonal logos are and then we would look into other parameters. So, if you want to know more about these kinds of logos and then determine why should one have them, this blog is for you.

What is a seasonal logo?

Let us start with the basics which are understanding the seasonal logo. These are temporary changes done to the brand’s logo. You might have seen Google Search Engine promoting death anniversaries, festivals, and other important days by temporarily changing their logos. They either add a few things or tweak the existing logo. Whatever is needful. These changes are then reversed after the day, festival, or event is done. 

Not just Google but several other brands do the same. If you are a hardcore gamer, you might have seen the same in multiple games of Supercell like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, and Hay Day. Basically, brands do this to make an impact on the minds of their potential or regular customers. It is one of the ways that binds your customer with your products or services. But because this is not a complete redo of the logo, it won’t be a problem to revert things back. So, we can say that a cosmetic logo can be tweaked whenever there is a fashion show in town. Similarly, a sports logo can be tweaked on the birthday of a great sportsman or if there is an event around.

What is majorly and mostly done in seasonal logos?

Now, when you look around, you will find some similarities in the seasonal logos. Or we can simply say that the following mentioned are the major changes you will see brands doing. Now, here we have a few things that you can see brands doing in most cases.

  • To integrate some seasonal images or offers, the brands make minor changes to their logos. 
  • The brands can also tweak the color palette of their logo that might be the best fit for the season.
  • There can be an update made by the brand to their logo in terms of font or texture making it up-to-date.
  • Seasonal logos can also be swapped with a temporary logo that helps in adhering to seasonal branding or campaigns.
  • Putting up some decorations on the logo to make it look perfect for the festival.

These are just a few changes that you get to see in the logos to make it compatible with seasonal events. Now, let’s have a quick look at the other aspects of the seasonal logo. 

What are the benefits of having seasonal logos for your brand?

Now, brands are always up for doing things but only if that gives them a benefit in terms of sales. If you too are looking for something like this, then seasonal logos are more or less good for you. Here we have given you a few important things that would help in understanding, why seasonal logos are beneficial for brands. 

  • One of the most important things that seasonal logos have on offer is, establishing a connection with their customers. Whenever there is a theme party, celebration, event, or festival; your seasonal logo will create a connection with your customers. And the moment you do that the holiday spirit of your customers will allow them to recognize you thereafter.

  • Multiple brands offer seasonal sales and discounts but those who do it wonderfully with their logos get the most influx of customers. There is a high chance that the offers and discounts you are offering to your customers, the same is being offered by any of your competitors too. But rather than simply telling them about the offers, it will be better if you take the other route and integrate the logo in the discount tag.

  • Apparel brands have this in common when they have to carry out promotional campaigns every season. To adhere to this they can simply use interesting things to spark up their logos. The more innovative you are with your logos the better it is for you. The more creative your logo the more eyes it will be attracting.

  • Work on your online campaigns including social media because that’s going to give you the most customers. Yes, you heard that right! If you are looking for a way to launch your new product, seasonal logos can do that for you. If you launch the campaign in line with the season it would give you a lot of advantages.

  • One of the most important things and benefits of seasonal logos is that they can improve your customer interactions. Whenever a season approaches, your customers will be reminded of their association with these brands. This can highly improve the brand’s image. Mostly you will see this in childcare logo.

Now, you might think that why do you require a seasonal logo. All of these advantages can be achieved with the help of other mediums too, right? But what will you do the next year when the same festival or event approaches? So, that’s the reason why seasonal logos are very important and that you should also think of integrating this into your ecosystem. A lot of small-scale business owners have been doing this and many big brands are the teachers. 


Do you know that there are high chances that your seasonal logo will catch more attention than your normal one? All you need to do is make it look like the festival is being celebrated in or around your place. This can be region-wise or for the entire country. Look for the outdoor logo designs for getting ideas of how you can make changes.

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