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What is a Portable Solar Power Generator and How Does it Work?

Solar Generator

Our daily life depends on the continuous availability of electricity, whether it is our devices like smartphones and laptops or appliances like microwaves and cooling systems, most of the appliances that we use today run on electricity. So, without it, our lives will definitely come to a standstill. During a power outage, camping, caravanning, or on a trip, in the absence of electricity, we can acknowledge the fact that with no AC working or if the smartphone’s battery has drained, our lives can instantly turn miserable. This is where portable generators can make our life more convenient.

Generators have been available for quite a while now, and there are different kinds of portable generators available in the market; some are driven by petrol, diesel, or gas. Although they offer great facilities, these generators are not eco-friendly. The continuous climate change and its impact on our planet have made it necessary for us to look for sustainable alternatives that will not harm the planet in the long run. This is where a portable solar power generator can play a great role. Let’s understand better what a solar-powered generator is and how it works here. 

What is a Portable Solar Generator?

A solar generator is a device that works using solar panels to offer automatic power backup to your devices when you don’t have access to electricity. However, there are many types of solar generators and not all are portable- so what is a portable solar generator?- A portable solar generator is one that you can use anywhere you go. Unlike traditional portable generators, which used to use diesel, gas or propane, a solar portable generator generally comprises the following elements such as;

  • Portable Solar Panels: This is used to capture the sun’s energy.
  • Rechargeable Battery: The battery helps to store the energy that is captured by the solar panels. 
  • Charge Controller: Helps to control the amount of energy that gets stored in the battery
  • Solar Inverter: This equipment helps to convert the sun’s energy into electricity that powers the devices. 

Thus, a solar generator device is nothing but a portable battery equipped with photovoltaic (PV) panels that gathers solar energy. 

These devices allow uninterrupted power supply and make even heavy-duty equipment such as laptops run properly for a prolonged period of time. Hence, these devices are gaining increasing popularity as they are making lives easier and more convenient even when people are away from their homes relaxing in mid of a forest. 

How Do Portable Solar Power Generators Work?

Now let’s understand how these amazing portable solar power generators work. These devices mainly work by converting sunlight into electricity and storing them in the battery for future use. A specialised unit called a charge converter regulates the voltage and current, eliminating the possibility of the battery overcharging. For better understanding let’s breakdown the entire process:

  • Firstly what happens is that when the sunlight hits the solar panels, it converts into DC electricity and then passes via the charge controller
  • These charge controller then functions by regulating the voltage of the electricity before the storage process. This function ensures that the right amount of electricity is stored in the battery
  • In the third phase, the electricity enters the battery and is stored in the appropriate amount
  • Thereafter, the inverter takes charge and converts the stored energy from the battery to the AC power that is used to run most electrical appliances

This is how a portable solar power generator works and powers devices that otherwise would stay inactive when you are in the middle of a long journey. 

Benefits of Using Solar Power Portable Generators

Let’s take a look at how investing in a portable solar power generator can be helpful;

  • Free Energy

If you are going on a trip with gadgets such as laptops, and mobile phones what would be their use once their battery runs out? Without access to electrical energy, these devices will just become a burden. Solar generators rely on entirely clean and renewable solar power. Investing in a solar power portable generator will save you in such situations and convert the sunlight overhead into electricity; therefore, you can eliminate all kinds of inconvenience and get free electricity. 

  • Lightweight

Portable solar power generators are designed so that they are lightweight and easy to carry. Thus, if you are thinking besides the weight of the bag and other stuff, if you have to carry a hefty generator, then stay assured portable solar generators are lightweight. Hence, they will not add weight and you can easily carry them. 

  • Safe and easy to use

Once you have set up the system, everything works automatically thus, you don’t have to pay much attention to how to operate the generators. Plus, these are safe to use, however, you must invest in a good quality inverter to ensure that they run smoothly. 

  • Versatile and convenient

Portable solar power generators can be used for many purposes such as providing power supply in the rural areas, hiking, camping, working on a heavy project outside, and powering electronic devices such as tablets, and mobile phones, for construction purposes, agriculture, during power outages and many more. Since these portable solar generators are independent devices, they are versatile and can help in many ways. 

  • Eco-friendly

One of the most important reasons for investing in solar power generators is because you can stay worry-free about any carbon footprint while using them. This is because you are fulfilling your electricity requirement by converting the direct sunlight and thus, you don’t have to fear that by running your devices in the middle of nature you are releasing harmful emissions. 

These are some areas that you need to know about portable solar power generators. As it is one of the best ways people can ensure that their devices stay active while they are away hiking or camping, an increasing number of people are investing in this technology. Moreover, as solar technology is constantly improving in the future, we may expect more advanced solar-powered generators.

We recommend you go for the best solar powered generator that is lightweight, easy to use, cost-effective, and long-running.

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