What Is a Paddy Cleaner & 12 Reasons Why Rice Milling Machines Require It

As the name indicates, a paddy cleaner eliminates impurities and foreign particles of various sizes from paddy or raw rice before it can be milled. These machines are developed to remove straw, dust, mud, stones, metals, chaff, plastic, paper and more so that rice processing machines can function efficiently and optimally. Paddy cleaners are generally  composed of an electric motor, frame, drum, pulley, hopper, vibrating trays, and blower. They are integral in rice mills as they lay the foundation for the white, polished rice you obtain as the final output, ready for sale in the market.  

Let’s delve deeper into the types of paddy cleaners and the reasons why rice milling machines need them. 

Types of Paddy Cleaning Machines

Given below are the common types of machines you will find for cleaning paddy rice:


  • Vibrating: In this, stones and large impurities are separated from the paddy with the aid of vibrating screens. 
  • Aspiration: This machine eliminates light impurities such as husk fragments or dust by leveraging air currents. 
  • Drum: Raw paddy moves through rotating drums featuring perforations so that large foreign particles get separated. 
  • Combination: These machines employ more than one cleaning technique to tackle a variety of impurities. 

Reasons to Invest in a Paddy Cleaner for Your Rice Mill

Before it is processed, paddy rice is threshed, transported, bought, and stored in different conditions, which increases its chances of attracting impurities. Hence, paddy cleaners are essential to prepare raw rice for the milling process, owing to the following reasons.  

  • Reduces Manual Intervention 

Cleaning paddy manually can waste a lot of time and energy, besides aggravating labour costs. Involving people in the process can slow down milling, affect everyday productivity, and adversely impact your earnings. Paddy cleaners can change the situation through automation besides eliminating the possibility of human mistakes. With these machines, you can accelerate the milling of rice, produce more than you originally expected, improve the profit margin, and scale smoothly. 

  • Protects the Processing Machine 

Stones, metallic bits, and other hard impurities in paddy can create violent friction with the processing machine’s components or surfaces, leading to sparks, malfunctions, or damages. Paddy cleaners keep the rice processing machine safe by removing such particles beforehand. Since the rice milling machine won’t act up frequently, interruptions and downtime will be minimal. You won’t have to constantly worry about repairs and troubleshooting. Moreover, it will be easy to maintain the machine and prolong its lifespan. 

  • Boosts Production Capacity 

If you load paddy rice consisting of weed, hemp, straws, and other impurities in the processing machine, it can cause blockage in the feeding technology or unevenly distribute the paddy. This can negatively impact your mill’s production capacity and lead to losses. Using paddy cleaners though, you can avoid this problem and boost productivity. Higher grain recovery also means more revenue.  

  • Enhances Quality of Rice 

Since paddy cleaners get rid of all kinds of impurities and foreign matter from the raw rice before the milling process begins, you get top-quality edible rice as the final output. The better the cleaner, the better will be the rice quality, and the higher will be its market value. 

  • Ensures Quality Consistency 

Incorporating paddy cleaners in rice milling machines means you will get a consistently clean batch of polished rice every time. This way, you can stick to predefined quality standards and also satisfy the expectations of consumers. In the long term, it will strengthen your reputation and reel in more business. 

  • Lowers Duration of Processing 

If you use paddy cleaners before the commencement of milling, you can minimise the number of cleaning steps required later. It translates to reduced overall processing time, and every day, you can produce more polished rice. Apart from improving sales and revenue, you get to streamline milling operations. 

  • Reduces Energy Consumption 

Compared to paddy containing impurities or foreign particles, it takes less energy to process cleaned paddy. Hence, paddy cleaners augment the energy efficiency of your mill, slash operational costs, and make the milling process more sustainable. 

  • Improves the Appearance of Rice 

Since paddy cleaners eliminate small to large impurities effectively, the rice grains you finally get look aesthetic in terms of colour, shape, and size. Since better aesthetics increase acceptance among consumers, the demand for your product sees a spike. 

  • Complies with Food Safety Rules

As a mill owner, the rice you produce must be completely devoid of contaminants or substances that make the grains inedible. A paddy cleaner not only ensures that but also helps you adhere to food quality and safety standards as set down by government authorities. When you meet regulatory requirements, you also earn the trust of suppliers and customers. It helps you build loyalty and establish a stronger presence in the market. 

  • Promotes Longer Shelf Life 

Storing unclean paddy can lead to pest infestation or mould growth. It also means significant financial losses for you and suboptimal utilisation of resources. Paddy cleaners minimise that risk and make it easier and safer to store paddy rice for a long time without any deterioration in quality or appearance. 


  • Eases Sorting 

Usually, once paddy rice is milled, it needs to be sorted and graded before packaging. At this stage, broken or defective grains are separated to produce rice powder. However, paddy cleaners reduce the need for sorting or grading milled rice as the final product is homogenous and of high quality. It improves the overall efficiency of your mill, controls costs, and saves time.  


  • Benefits the Planet

By doing away with contaminating agents, impurities, and undesirable matter, paddy cleaners make the milling process safe for the environment. Processing cleaned paddy leads to minimal waste generation and there is hardly any risk of pollution. 


To conclude, paddy cleaners help you make the most of your rice milling machine by separating the paddy from a host of impurities. Powered by automation, it enhances the efficiency of the milling process, minimises labour costs, and saves precious time. You get to produce greater quantities of better quality rice that is compliant with food safety standards and apt for the market. Investing in paddy cleaners is also a great idea if you are looking to reduce energy consumption and prevent pollution. Just remember to research multiple manufacturers, compare their offerings and prices, and read reviews before choosing a cleaner that fits your unique objectives and needs.

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