What is a Notepad? 9 Things You Can Use it For?

We all grew up seeing Notepad on our computers. Almost everyone reading the post has considered the Notepad a useless addition. However, it is surprisingly not. You have found it useless because you have no idea what it is and what it can be used for. It’s time to understand what the Notepad is, know what can be used for, and begin using it. Confused? Here is the answer to all your questions;

What is a Notepad?

The experts define Notepad as a basic text editor built into windows for short text documents.

What can you use Notepad for?

The Notepad is a versatile addition to windows. Therefore, it can be used for uncountable purposes. However, mainly it is used for the following things;

Print text files –  As you now know, Notepad is used for many purposes. It is more commonly used in offices, schools, and other places to print text files. Printing text files via Notepad is super easy, all you have to do is open the file menu and select print, and your job is done.

Change the font of the document – There are a bunch of text editing options and most people find changing fonts in Notepad easier than in other software. Changing the font only takes roughly one or two seconds. Therefore, you should switch to Notepad for this purpose as well.

Search and replace text – You can search and replace text in many software, the Notepad is one of them. To search you have to press Ctrl+F and replace the text Ctrl+H. 

To make text edits – Almost all types of text editing can be done in Notepad. Explore the options menu to know more and get surprised by the number of editing options available.

Digital diary – The Notepad can be used to maintain a digital diary as well. In fact, millions of users use Notepad to do that. Therefore, if you ever felt the need of maintaining a dairy, Notepad can be used.

Creative designer tool; If you can not afford to get an expensive text designer tool, Notepad can rescue you. It has all the features you want your designer tool to have. 

Turn the word wrap off – Surprisingly, the Notepad also comes with the word wrap off option as well. Just like the other text editing, it is easier to wrap off words in Notepad as well. So, since a million Notepad users prefer to use it for this purpose, you can use it for the same reasons.

To zoom in and zoom away – The zoom in and zoom away feature is not available on all Notepads. However, all newer versions have this option. All the people owning newer versions of Notepads can use zoom-in and zoom-away features to increase or decrease the size of text effortlessly.

To save documents in HTML files – Fortunately, you can use Notepad for one other purpose; it’s saving documents in HTML files. The method is a bit complicated, however, Notepad can be used for this purpose as well.


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