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What is a label and how is it important in branding?



If you own a business there are a lot of parameters that you have to keep in mind. Some of them are for the betterment of your company and some are for luring more customers. And one thing that makes your company look good and also lures more customers is the label design. This is one of those factors or elements that you have to integrate on the packages that your products have. And if you are owning a business that offers services, labels are used for print marketing.


But coming on to those businesses that have goods and products to offer, which happens to be quite extensive. They have to essentially spend a lot of money and time on their packaging. And this is very important because experts believe that a majority amount of sales is driven through these packages. Apart from this, good packaging also makes your product look better. And those business owners who fail to understand the criticality of labels have to suffer in the longer run- even if their products are good. That’s because you won’t be able to attract attention. So let’s understand what labeling is and how it is important for your branding.


What do you understand by labeling?


Before we get into the importance of branding labels, it is critical to know what exactly it is. So to understand this thing better, you have to fetch the answer of a question “what are the perimeters that help you in determining or recognizing a brand?“ The first thing that would come into your mind will be a logo. And that’s true! But what would be your answer if someone asks how to recognize a product?


For that, you will have an answer that it is done using labels. And this is also true. A brand has more than one product and there can be chances that there are two or more similar products. In that case, there should be a differentiating factor, isn’t it? And that’s what labels do. They help your customers in determining the difference between products from your offerings itself. 


Why are labels so important in branding?


Now that you have understood the meaning and definition of labeling, here are a few important things about it. This will help you in accessing why you should try to make it as impressive as possible.

  • It gives a distinctive identity


Every product in your lineup, small or big, needs an identity. A distinctive identity for every product makes it identifiable by our customers. And this is where label branding kicks in and changes the packaging design for good. It not only helps in identifying the product that a customer would want to have, but also gives a good look to your products. Moreover, if you have a few similar looking products with a few differentiation factors, then this branding is going to help you a lot.

  • Helps in comparing products easier


A product label is also very important because it helps in understanding the ingredients properly. This also makes comparison of similar products from different brands easier. You can have a look at the constitutes, instruction, information, size, ways to store, and other information here. All of that can be done easily and correctly using the branding. And it can act as a deciding factor for the customers.

  • Helps in marketing your product better


Branding and marketing a product becomes easier with the help of labels. If you spend enough time and resources on this process, you will be able to grab more attention. Moreover you won’t have to think much on marketing the product. Because that can be done easily with the help of your label. 

  • The customers know what they are buying


Many times it happens with customers that they buy something different and they get something else. This makes them feel cheated! But if you want to keep your brand away from this, you can work on your labels. It is going to tell your customers; exactly what they will be getting. So, this assurance builds trust and this will surely be beneficial for your brand.

  • Describes your products better


Now, apart from everything else that your packaging bears, one factor always stands taller. And that’s how your products are described on the package. And with the help of better labels, you will be able to be descriptive. Your customers are going to know about everything and maybe the product life as well. So, with all this information in front of them with a fancy design, your sales reports will surely be higher.

  • Keeps you away from competition


You will never want to get entangled with your competition and then face problems due to them. If that’s the case, then you must use the label space and create something extraordinary- or at least try for that. In both these cases, you will have to spend resources. But in return it will keep you away from competitors. Not only will it be easily recognized but also loved with what’s on offer. 

  • You might be able to bring some versatility


Who doesn’t want versatility? Your customers would surely want it. If you wish to target people who buy things in bulk; then your labels and package colors are going to play an important role. And this is also important from the placement of your packets in a shop. If you visit a supermarket with some brand’s colorful packets aligned in order- this will surely attract people and they will want to buy it. 


Those who haven’t tried your products will surely want to get their hands on their favorite flavors at least for once. And this one important point is why your branding needs labels. And labels require creativity. 



Today’s world there are a lot of things, tools, Waze, and other factors that can help in branding your product and brand. But labeling happens to be one of the most effective and primitive ways to do this. And, these importances also play a critical role in getting this thing done. So, while you spend so much resources in getting the Designhill logo design perfect, we also suggest that you should spend some for labels too. So, make sure you invest sufficient resources on this because it will surely be positive in the longer run.

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