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What is a Kitchen Hob? Merits and Demerits

What is a kitchen hob, and how do we pick the best kitchen hob? This refers to the flat part located at the top of a cooking stove. It is designed in such a way that it is connected to the gas pipe while concealing it as well. Its function is essentially similar to that of its predecessor, the gas stove, making the two seem pretty similar to one another.

However, you will notice a difference in their design as well as their utility. They are designed as such to conceal the gas connection and maintain the illusion of a clutter-free environment. This may seem like a challenge with a regular gas stove. Let’s dive into it a bit more. 

How to differentiate between a gas stove and a gas hob?

The usual gas stoves are designed to have a separate standing body, whereas the modern hobs are built-in. The gas hob is integrated into the kitchen top itself, as the slab of the kitchen is cut, and a hob is installed. This provides a sleek look to your kitchen as there are no visibly distending gas pipes within one’s line of sight.

Another difference to be noted is their function. The traditional gas stove is limited to function as a switch to turn on and off. But the modern hobs comprise a variety of other features apart from this basic function. 

How to install the Best Kitchen Hob?

As mentioned above, the kitchen hob is designed to be built-in. It is vital to cut off a part of the countertop or kitchen slab based on the size of the kitchen hob. Now, this should be done, preferably before the kitchen slab is laid. So, make sure to pre-plan which hob would be suitable for your kitchen to ensure the appropriate size of the hob.

It is necessary to know the exact size of the hob so it can be at level with the kitchen slab. Also, the position of the built-in hob should be aligned with that of the chimney position. So, remember this if you’re looking to fit a kitchen hob for your kitchen. 

Advantages of the Kitchen Hob:

  • It provides a seamless look

A built-in hob makes your kitchen have a sleek look with its minimalistic design of integrating into the countertop. Since the hob is leveled with the countertop, it is at the same height as the kitchen countertop. Another critical factor includes the concealment of gas pipes and electrical wires. There are no protruding wires or distending holes on the wall meant for your gas line connection that can be off-putting to look at. 

Due to this, many are going for the kitchen hobs when constructing a kitchen as it offers the minimalistic finish to a modern kitchen providing a compact look. The choices in kitchen hobs vary in two options. There is the choice of stainless steel.

  • Multiple options for heat control

This feature is exceptional in kitchen hobs as they come with multi-flame burners. This allows for control of the flame on both rings present on the burner to obtain the right temperature of your choice. This is advantageous when cooking.

  • Number of burners

The kitchen hob has more than two burners when compared to the traditional gas stove. But ensure that the size of the hob is wide enough based on the number of burners. 

Disadvantages of the kitchen hob:

  • Expensive

Built-in hobs are expensive to install as compared to normal gas stoves. Since it requires installation with the kitchen slab, you’ll need to oversee the construction of your kitchen.  

  • Requires regular cleaning after using

There’s no denying that the leveled surface will provide an ease of cleaning. But the cleaning is a little more complex than that. One must avoid the spillage of any liquid as it may damage the burner. Cleaning a hob should be done by wiping the countertop with a damp cloth followed by a dry one. Use a glass cleaner or mild soap water.

  • Low flame

The built-in bobs have a naturally produced low flame. These hobs are manufactured based on European standards, thus making the intensity of the flame low. This is partly the reason why some brands have also included double-ring burners to provide a high flame and make it suitable for Indian cooking.

  • Permanent fixture

A kitchen hob is built-in, making its position unchangeable. They can’t be taken apart once fixed as the process could be damaging as well as costly. And it is not portable. They also require periodic maintenance. 

While it provides a good look to your kitchen, it also has its fair share of cons that may not be helpful to the standard Indian kitchen. That’s a wrap on kitchen hobs and their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, this will help you choose the best kitchen hob in India based on your preferences to design the kitchen of your dreams. 

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