What is a Dedicated IP VPN? Uses of Dedicated IP VPN

The online world can be a dangerous place. Identity theft and privacy concerns make VPNs a necessity, but the shared pool of IP addresses that VPNs use can bring a problem of their own.

Your IP address can change every time your device connects to a network and can bring a ton of issues like increased CAPTCHAs, increased risk, and even limited connectivity to enterprise servers in some cases.

Thankfully there are services like a Dedicated IP VPN that help smooth out such issues while keeping sure your privacy is not compromised. 

What is a Dedicated IP VPN?

A dedicated IP VPN solves all random IP issues by allowing you to retain your IP address regardless of your physical location and network, while also offering the anonymity that a VPN brings.

Having a dedicated VPN service can actually assist you in working safely, among other benefits. Your data is channeled through a unique IP with maximum privacy and only has access to that IP. A dedicated IP VPN allows you to switch between your unique IP or to a pool of shared IPs depending on the task you want to perform.

Uses of a Dedicated IP VPN

Dedicated IP VPNs bring a lot of safety and security to the table. People do not fully understand the Dedicated IP VPNs because most VPN providing services default at the shared IP option. Here are some of the cases that make a dedicated IP VPN worth it.

Remote Work

If you work with an organization that has enterprise-level security, you’ll know this already; a dedicated IP VPN makes everything so much easier when accessing work servers. IP whitelisting is a pivotal step when accessing your organization. If the IPs keep on switching around, you won’t be able to access the servers. A dedicated IP VPN solves this problem by keeping the connection private and secure, safeguarding both the server and the client from any imposters.

Easier Logins

Every website keeps cookies, and if your device is switching between too many IPs, it can trigger a flag. You can be randomly logged out or can even be restricted from logging back in. This is common with email and commerce-based websites. A trustworthy dedicated IP VPN like NordVPN will retain your IP address each time you access the website, solving the problem seamlessly.

Secure and Dependable Internet Browsing

Not just for remote work and easier logins, a dedicated IP VPN makes internet connectivity super secure. This is because you can whitelist the device as it has a unique dedicated IP and the others can stay blacklisted. This makes your local networks extremely secure and allows for easy and secure access to your favorite content.

Some IPs and geolocations are considered bad over the internet, and having a dedicated IP VPN ensures that you never have one of these. Your IP is your representative in the online world, and having a dedicated one that no one else will use and the anonymity and security of a VPN around it can give you confidence as you browse through the online world.

Additionally, dedicated IP VPNs permit you to access forums and communities without fear of being banned. Your IP has its reputation and having one that’s dedicated to just your personal use can go a long way in managing your reputation online.

Secure Banking

Banks use sensitive information and can limit access to and from certain geolocations. Having a dedicated IP VPN makes sure that the bank will always see you and your devices as if they were in the same geolocation, even if you were traveling across the globe.

Not using a dedicated IP VPN can send a plethora of virtual locations from behind a VPN that could even lead to a potential fraud warning. A dedicated VPN ensures a safe and secure connection while also ensuring that the devices you trust can have unfettered access to your information.

Improved Gaming

Are you interested in online gaming? A dedicated IP VPN might just be the thing for you. Whenever your IP switches, servers can disconnect your account, and it takes a few seconds before you can establish a stable connection again. A dedicated IP VPN service will make sure your VPN needs are met while also keeping the connection stable. These are known to be stable and are much quicker to connect than random IPs.


If you transfer a lot of data over the File Transfer Protocol (FTP), a dedicated IP VPN will help a lot as it keeps the IP from changing, thereby ensuring a stable and secure connection. FTP can actually introduce hackers into the system making everything vulnerable and less secure. A dedicated IP VPN keeps the connection secure from external meddling and also makes sure optimal transfer speeds are reached thanks to the static IP.


When your connection is trusted, and you’re not using a shared IP, websites do not require as many verifications. This allows you to skip the trouble of going through captchas and other such verification methods.

Email Engine

Corporate email services check every email and its origin. A trusted and stable dedicated IP VPN makes sure your IP is not blacklisted, and you enjoy the trust of the world wide web. Ensuring that your emails get through the screening process with ease.

The benefits a dedicated IP VPN brings make one feel safe while exploring the online world. The ease of switching between a dedicated IP and a shared IP pool allows anonymity like never before.

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