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What is a company reputation?


A company’s reputation is a public perception of the company and how it operates. This includes public opinions on the company’s products or services or how the company treats its employees. A reputation can be positive or negative, and it can change over time. For example, a popular news story about a company can change its reputation, but so can word of mouth among customers of the business. Since a company’s reputation is controlled by consumers’ perceptions, it may not always reflect how the business operates. It’s important that the company manages its reputation to reflect the business accurately.


A company’s reputation disturbsdevelopment and income. It’s crucial   to maintain an outstanding reputation in order to attract and keep customers as well as employees. Learning what affects a company’s reputation and how you can improve the reputation of your company can help accomplish your expansion goals, establish your brand and increase your sales. In this article, we explain what a company’s reputation is, why it’s important and discuss what factors can impact a company’s reputation, with tips to improve how the public perceives your business.


These are the some factor that affects the company reputation

Product or service superiority

Quality of products are service means how it,s beneficial for the customer. If the company product or service is beneficial for the customer it will enhance the company reputation. Creating high value of the product means increasing the revenue of the company.

Employee management

Creating aoptimistic experience for your employees can be as important as producing one for customers. If employees enjoy working at your company, this can affect their work and risequality and productivity. Employee happiness and their views of your company also influence how customers feel.

Financial performance

A good financial performance provides credibility to your company and distresses its status. Often consumers notice financial success as angauge that it’s an outstanding company with quality goods and services. Inversely, if your company isn’t financially successful, consumers may be less confident in their choice to invest in your company by purchasing products.

Some other factor also affects the company performance  like

Diversity and inclusion

Corporate culture


Company CSR strategy impact

CSR strategy is the complete plan companies and funders use to design, implement, and analyze their corporate social responsibility initiatives. It includes specific focus areas, program design, promotion and communication approaches, and evaluation procedures.

Corporate Sustainability Committee (CSR)

The presence of a CSR committee shows the commitment and coordination to the socially and ecologically accountable behavior it shows the firm struggle to invest in the formation of good and harder stakeholder relations (N. Hussain et al., 2018). In recent times most of the companies added the CSR committee to their board structure (;  (N. Hussain et al., 2018). According to (Sepahdari et al., 2009) companies are now titling a special committee on the board to handle the environmental problems from the viewpoint of the stakeholders. As management vacillates to give ecological information board oversight is especially crucial to keenly monitor the legality of the firm ecological operations (Berkeley, Bender, Gregg Peaster, & Saunders, 2009). CSR committee force the firm to behave toward the socially and environmental behavior and gesturing the firm to invest in renewable energy to make good relation with stakeholders (N. Hussain et al., 2018). The committee is likely to know about the advantages and disadvantages of de carbon initiatives and decrease the non-renewable energy resource burning and encourage the companies to invest in renewable energy resources (Liao et al., 2015). The basic objective of the CSR Committee is to plan and execute the sustainability policies. According to (N. Hussain et al., 2018) CSR committees play a positive role in firm social and environmental performance. There is universal consent that the CSR committee is very powerful to decrease the ecological threat present by the evolution of global warming (Dietz, 2007). CSR committee empowers the companies to reliably collect records and justify greenhouse gas emissions (Michelon & Parbonetti, 2012).CSR committee has a positive relationship with the environmental disclosure (Cucari et al., 2018). As the firm with CSR committee is likely to be more environmentally friendly therefore they make more investment to adopt environmental-friendly technologies like converting their energy system to the renewable energy system because in the traditional way of energy production like fossil fuel the emission from the fossil fuel is effecting the environment. Firms with CSR committees behave in more environmental behavior so there are more chances to adopt renewable energy.


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